AI News, Closing the loop for robotic grasping

Closing the loop for robotic grasping

QUT's Dr Jürgen Leitner said while grasping and picking up an object was a basic task for humans, it had proved incredibly difficult for machines.

By mapping what is in front of it using a depth image in a single pass, the robot doesn't need to sample many different possible grasps before making a decision, avoiding long computing times,' Mr Morrison said.

'In our real-world tests, we achieved an 83% grasp success rate on a set of previously unseen objects with adversarial geometry and 88% on a set of household objects that were moved during the grasp attempt.

'For example, in the Amazon Picking Challenge, which our team won in 2017, our robot CartMan would look into a bin of objects, make a decision on where the best place was to grasp an object and then blindly go in to try to pick it up,' he said 'Using this new method, we can process images of the objects that a robot views within about 20 milliseconds, which allows the robot to update its decision on where to grasp an object and then do so with much greater purpose.

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