AI News, Clearpath's OTTO Robot Can Autonomously Haul a Ton of Stuff

Clearpath's OTTO Robot Can Autonomously Haul a Ton of Stuff

Today, Clearpath Robotics (best known for its rugged, ROS-friendly, and infallibly black and yellow roboticplatforms) is announcing OTTO, a “heavy-load material transporter” that can carry a ton of stuff around warehouses, fully autonomously.

Actually, “a ton of stuff” is underselling OTTO’s capabilities, since it can happilyroll away with one metric ton and a half of payload: that’s a staggering 1500 kilograms (3300 pounds), or more than 22 robotics bloggers.

In addition to its enourmous payload,the key thingto know about OTTO,announced today at RoboBusiness in Santa Clara, Calif., is that it doesn’t requireany infrastructure to navigate.OTTO doesn’t need barcodes on the floor (like Kiva Systems, er, Amazon Robotics warehouse robots), lights on the ceiling, beacons in the halls, RFID tags on the walls, guide dogs, interns with joysticks, or any other form of navigation devices.

If you look at autonomous mining, there have been companies early to the game that released autonomous vehicles a little bit prematurely, and because of that, there have been expectations that were not met, and it sort of stagnated the industry, I think.

One of the great things about the work that we’ve been doing for the last five or six years in the research market is that we get exposed to basically every application for mobile robots you can imagine, across whatever industry.

Of all of the different industries that were pulling on us to work in research and development, materials handling was one of the strongest, and so we began to investigate that industry and try to understand the problems in that space very well, and figure out how we could shape the technology we’d been working on into a compelling product.

it’s a bit of a challenge in the industrial space right now because the regulatory bodies and the standards agencies really haven’t caught up to the technology yet, so we’re doing our best to understand the certification ecosystem to make sure our system is compliant for safe operation in an industrial environment in collaboration with humans.

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