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Michael Yantosca: Pursuing a Postgraduate After Sixteen Years in Industry

Two decades after he began his undergraduate degree at Rice, Michael Yantosca headed back to the classroom –this time for his master’s degree in computer science.

After completing a lot of Linguistics courses, I realized that universal machine language translation was unlikely due to the resource constraints of the time and inherent differences between languages.

His portfolio was competing for entry-level jobs against those of out-of-work programmers with a decade of experience, so he fired off an email to a local entertainment studio that was gearing up to launch the Anime Network.

A few months in, one of the directors ran into trouble having to spot-fix all the lip flap matching for a title and asked if I could fix each actor’s part before their respective sessions.

That boosted my intern status to a more permanent role.” He worked in the studio’s DVD production team, assisting in localization and writing the automated dialog recording (ADR) scripts, which involved syncing dialogue with the lip movements on screen and also contextualizing the translation.

For instance, a translator might render a line as ‘How dare you hurt Bob?’ In the context of an action mecha anime, I would tweak the line into something more plausible from a battle-hardened military veteran.

“Without any background in graphics processing unit (GPU) CUDA programming or signal processing, I dove into development with the help of my colleagues, particularly Dr. Kishor Saitwal who lent me his copy of Oppenheim and Schafer’s seminal text.

The program extracted certain features from incoming audio data and fed that into the machine learning engine that my colleagues were developing.” GPUs had been doing the heavy lifting for video games and graphics interfaces for years.

They allowed me to keep working full time while pursuing grad school part-time: heading first to work, then to UH for classes, and finishing my day in the evening by working remotely via VPN.

Most people won’t find employers so willing to work with them around day classes.” This spring, he doubled his focus on his classes and research into parallel and distributed systems to prepare for his next move, this time into aviation software.

Pixel Scroll 2/21/19 I Said I Didn’t Get Nothin’, I Had To Pay Fifty Dollars And Scroll Up The Pixels

hall of fame lies in his interest in scarce resources, his faith in the power of logical analysis, and a strong commitment to policy action–specifically, to eliminate half of all life in the universe, chosen at random…

…Thanos has convinced himself that he’s seen something nobody else can quite understand.  The truth is that he sorely needs peer review.  Like many powerful people, he regards himself as above his critics, not to mention every sapient being in the universe.  He views humans less as free-willed spirits capable of solving their own problems, and more like overbreeding rabbits, needing a cull for their own good.

decision to stick close to the experiences of the remaining Avengers proves a rewarding one, as they’ve expressly constructed the film as an extended victory lap for the Marvel Cinematic Universe writ large.

– and part of the delight Endgame provides to the patient audience member is gauging the size of the cheer that greets the entrance of any given hero, locale or – in at least once instance – item of super-hardware.

The final, climactic battle (come on, you knew there’d be one) is legitimately thrilling, because every one of its manifold delights is fueled by (a cynic would say coasting on) the warm familiarity that spending a decade with these characters has engendered….

But I also suspect more than a few publishers will quietly check their new submissions piles or log into BookScan after reading this, and suggest that in order to affect any real change they need to submit more books by writers of colour.

She defined it initially as “the opposite of grimdark,” referring to a popular dystopian subgenre characterized by nihilism, amorality, and a negative view of human nature.

During the interview, Burk categorically denied having anything to do with abusive/predatory behavior that had been an issue at past cons.  He was incensed at the post-con attempts to tie abusive behavior with himself or Morrison.    Burk suggested that the tone/perspective of comments that he received at the con were decidedly different from what was seen on the Internet in the days that followed.  The people complaining most loudly online had appeared to have substantially different perspectives while at the con.  He also denied that Morrison ever exposed himself during his performance.  A prosthetic/prop was used during the performance.

In the Season 8 premiere, Winterfell leather goth Sansa Stark questions her brother Jon Snow’s decision to bring his pushy new girlfriend (and aunt!) Daenerys and her two dragons to the north, wondering out loud what precisely the dragons are going to eat.

The Mother of Dragons smugly replies, “Whatever they want.” (Which, judging from past episodes, includes a lot of animal herds and the occasional shepherd boy.) Later in the episode, two of Dany’s Dothraki footmen inform her that her dragons only ate only “18 goats and 11 sheep” for lunch, a sign that they are losing their appetite as a result of the move up north.

To better understand the dragon hunger situation and how it could impact the impending war with the Night King, Eater got in touch with a bona fide expert on large reptiles and flying animals, and asked her a few questions about how these aerial beasts might act during the epic battle ahead.

Graham was born in the Cumbrian, coastal town of Workington, in the shadow of Windscale (now Sellafield).  1957 was the year of the Windscale nuclear disaster.  And so the scene was set for Graham to potentially have been bitten by a radioactive spider and become a superhero.

But when SF luminaries John Joseph Adams and Victor LaValle — both of whom have produced top-quality works — announced a short story collection whose title is an homage to Zinn, we were very excited.  Given the provocative and timely premise of A People’s Future Of The United States, we approached the collection of stories with enthusiasm.

…Questions of race, class and gender are important to explore and have all-too-often been ignored in science fiction.  We would argue that because science fiction is an inherently political genre, it is of paramount importance to create inclusive futures we can believe in.

But the topic of labour is almost entirely neglected.  It is disappointing that an anthology that so explicitly aims to address cultural blindspots has reproduced one itself.  In comparison, the index to Zinn’s classic history book includes a full page of references to organized labour movements.

At a rough estimate, 30 per cent of the book deals with the struggles of traditional union movement organizing, and workers rights are integral to much of the rest of the text….  (14) ROBOTS LIKE

When Ang Lee took over the project in 2017, he cast Smith in the lead role, giving the actor the unique opportunity to play both his current 50-year-old self and his 23-year-old self, who, thanks to the film’s revolutionary technology, looks like he just stepped right off the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

[…] Big-budget original science fiction needs a win, and hopefully Gemini Man can recapture the spirit of the ’90s where a big-name director, producer and actor were an event unto themselves, regardless of preexisting material. Gemini Man looks appealing not simply because of its concept and slick action sequences, but because it looks to simultaneously tap into our nostalgia with a sunglasses-wearing Smith, and also our desire for an original, high-concept property that doesn’t require any prior knowledge.

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