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Professor Roman Borisyuk

CURRENT PROJECTS  Study of tadpole nervous systemIn collaboration with University of Bristol and University of St Andrews.

2011;5:20Li W.-C., Cooke T., Sautois B., Soffe S., Borisyuk R., Roberts A. (2007) Axon and dendrite geography predict the specificity of synaptic connections in a functioning spinal cord network.

(2014) Building the early nervous system: simple rules control development of a vertebrate connectome generating behaviour.

Journal of NeuroscienceMathematical and computational modelling of the Basal Ganglia in norm and Parkinson disease including models of Deep Brain StimulationIn collaboration with Imperial College London;

(2013) An interactive channel model of the Basal Ganglia: Bifurcation analysis under healthy and Parkinsonian conditions.

(2012) Spatiotemporal visualization of deep brain stimulation-induced effects in the subthalamic nucleus.

(2013) Spiking neural network model for memorizing sequences with forward and backward recall.

A neural model of selective attention and object segmentation in the visual scene: An approach based on partial synchronization and star-like architecture of connections.

Visual perception of ambiguous figures: synchronization based neural models.

(2011) Statistical technique for analysing functional connectivity of multiple spike trains.

(2010) iRaster: a novel information visualization tool to explore spatiotemporal patterns in multiple spike trains.

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