AI News, China Is Turning Old Tanks into AI-Equipped Robots

China Is Turning Old Tanks into AI-Equipped Robots

China’s military aims to give its ground forces some extra traction in increasingly challenging battlefield scenarios by testing unmanned tanks that could potentially be equipped with artificial intelligence-based systems.

Samuel Cranny-Evans, a land warfare platform analyst at IHS Jane’s, told The Telegraph: “It’s difficult to say why they are doing it, but we do know that they are trying to modernize their forces extensively and inherent in that is building lots of new technologies.” He believes the People’s Liberation Army may be using the obsolete tank, the first to be domestically produced in China, for its experiments with the technology with a view to fitting more modern vehicles with it if it proves to be successful.

China trials unmanned tanks in latest modernization push

BEIJING (Reuters) - China is testing unmanned tanks which could be equipped with artificial intelligence, a state-run newspaper said on Wednesday, as the country continues with its military modernization program.

Footage showed a Type 59 tank being driven by remote control, in what the paper said was the first time a Chinese-made unmanned tank has been shown in a public forum.  The Type 59 tank is based on an old Soviet model first used in China in the 1950s and has been produced in large numbers and has a long service life, it said.

China tests unmanned tank as part of military overhaul

China is developing unmanned tanks driven by remote control as part of its modernisation plans for the People’s Liberation Army, state media reported, and the project has entered testing stage.

China’s China Central Television’s (CCTV) military channel recently broadcast footage of the Type 59 tank being driven by a soldier using an independent computer terminal, and experts said the vehicle could be equipped with artificial intelligence.

China’s efforts to build their own domestically produced aircraft carriers, stealth fighter-bombers and to improve their missile capabilities featured strongly at this year’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, which ended on Tuesday.

The parliament approved a military budget of 1.11 trillion yuan (€140 billion) for the coming year, a rise of more than eight per cent on the previous year.

The PLA is trying to develop “contactless combat” aided with aggressive intelligent weapons, and it is also working on developing unmanned battleships, fighter planes and combat helicopters, as well as armed drones.

China reportedly begins testing effectiveness of unmanned main battle tanks

BEIJING – Images have emerged showing an unmanned People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Type 59 main battle tank being remotely operated: an indication that China has begun trials of unmanned tanks as part of a push to modernize its armed forces.

Aerospace Electronics take: 27 March 2018 -- The images, which stem from video footage released around mid-March by state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV), show a Type 59 tank equipped with additional antennas being driven at an undisclosed location by a soldier sitting at a nearby remote operating station.