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is designed for runners, with #GPS, pace coaching, speed monitoring, distance and route mapping.

There's even an altimeter included for hikers, so if your blood oxygen level drops when you're at altitude, it can advise you on when to take a breather' There is a solid-state #ECG

is another key focus of the device, although now with an added emphasis on your blood oxygenation levels.

Controlling Cognitive Domains

All this talk about 'controlling the cognitive domain' -- and/or the U.S./the West 'competing in the cognitive environment' -- all of this, I suggest, comes much too late.  This given that the U.S./the West -- in 2017 and much like the Soviets when they were 'defeated'/when they withdrew from the 'cognitive domain' playing field back in 1990 -- has now: a.  Formally, officially and very publicly b.  Embraced certain of the foundational principles, ideas and practices (think, for example, 'sovereignty' and 'self-determination') of our most dangerous, threatening and diametrically opposed enemies.  Re: the U.S./the West's such 'capitulation' -- to certain of (a) the foundational principles, ideas and practices of (b) our most dangerous, threatening and (at least before 2017) diametrically opposed enemies -- as to this such 'capitulation,' consider the following:   Then-British Prime Minister Theresa May: “It is in our interests – those of Britain and America together – to stand strong together to defend our values, our interests and the very ideas in which we believe,” she said.

'sovereignty' and 'self-determination')  And: 2.  With what?  (Certainly not with our -- now significantly downgraded and marginalized by our very own President -- way of life, way of governance, values, etc.) Final thought:  When a nation, for example the Soviets before us and now the U.S. also, embraces the principles, ideas and practices of its adversaries, then one must believe that this has done in order to be able to 'compete' more effectively and, thus, to be able to 'survive.'  Herein, in both the Soviet and U.S. cases above, one's opponents' principles, ideas and practices -- however odious and unfamiliar these may be -- these were certainly embraced.  Thus if this (to be able to compete more effective and thus to be able to survive) is the rationale and reasoning behind the U.S./the West's abandonment of our universalist, revolutionary and expansionist raison d'etre -- and for our embrace of such things as the 'we'll take you as you are' 'sovereignty' and 'self-determination' instead -- then, from this perspective, a.  Should we not understand that our ideas really no longer hold sway?  Or, more correctly, b.  That they tend to get in the way/tend to limit those who we could, otherwise, trade and ally ourselves with?

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