AI News, CESAsia 2015: China’s Maker Scene Is Exploding

CESAsia 2015: China’s Maker Scene Is Exploding

On the last day of CESAsia, nervous representatives from maker spaces and universities located in Shanghai and surrounding cities trooped on stage to make presentations to a panel of judges.

The MIIT has started supporting maker spaces and small tech startups in part by creating an online platform for makers to exchange information about projects.

Some of the speakers at the contest representing the government seemed to consider makers as nascent business entrepreneurs, and maker spaces as commercial incubators that would feed directly into industry.

This was reflected in a second round of the contest, in which teams from small—and not-so-small—companies presented new product ideas such as an automated frying pan.

We also saw smart systems for reducing office energy use—more the kind of thing that elsewhere would be seen at a Y Combinator-style event rather than a maker contest.

But several speakers were quick to make the point that while commercial products can come out of maker spaces, it would be a mistake to view them, and the people working in them, so narrowly: “We try to best turn our creativity and hobbies into reality.


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Born in 1977 in Shanghai, Xu Zhen is a leading figure among the young generation of Chinese artists.

His extensive body of work, which includes photography, installation art and video, entails theatrical humor as well as social critique, neither entirely serious nor obviously ironic, evoking moments of complexity.

He was one of the initiators of the contemporary art forum on internet Art-Ba-Ba ( in 2006.  In 2009, he established ‘MadeIn Company’, a contemporary art creation corporate, focused on the production of creativity, and devoted to the research of contemporary culture’s infinite possibilities.

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