AI News, CES 2018: voice-controlled showers, non-compliant robots and smart toilets

CES 2018: voice-controlled showers, non-compliant robots and smart toilets

The annual trend-setting tech extravaganza that is CES International in Las Vegas is drawing to a close, having suffered through torrential rain, blackouts and a few uncooperative robots.

Its Alexa voice assistant cropped up in things as diverse as showers, mirrors, light switches, microwave ovens and cars, clearly freed from the confines of speaker-like things – no matter whether or not anyone actually wants a voice-controlled shower.

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight, said: “Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others are fighting not only to cement their voice technologies, but also to ensure their assistant platforms are deeply embedded across the full spectrum of consumer electronics to maintain and deepen consumer engagement.” “Based on what we’ve seen so far, there’s no question that Amazon’s Alexa continues to lead the charge when it comes to voice assistant integration.” One place Alexa and Google have notably lost out is Mercedes cars.

“Just as most of the industry is recognising the need to integrate technology and improve time to market through collaboration, partnerships and open platforms, Mercedes is deciding to reinvent the wheel with an entirely proprietary approach,” said Blaber.

“The smart home now has such a bewildering set of choices it is virtually impossible to figure out what is the best solution.” Get a closer look at the #Volocopter, the Intel-powered autonomous air taxi that took flight at #CES2018 So far so not-so-future, until the drones showed up.

“It seemed like many of the devices on show weren’t quite ready for primetime.” That even extended to the show itself, which, due to heavy rainfall, suffered a blackout mid-exhibit leaving attendees under emergency lighting for three hours.

Best smart home devices of CES 2018: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant everywhere

Along with a wealth of new televisions, laptops and other tech, CES is increasingly packed with connected devices for the home.

We're seeing more and more integration of these voice assistants, but also a wide range of new products with smart home capabilities all aimed at improving our lives.

It also features Alexa capabilities which givesyou full voice control of your kitchen appliances including the ability to order more food, ingredients or supplies with just a few easy commands.

Whirlpool has announced a number of new smart home products including various kitchen appliances that offer everything from voice command capabilities to smartphone control and pairing with other smart home products you might already own.

Whether that's running a washing cycle while you're out of the house, getting notifications when the dryer has finished via your smartphone/watch or quickly and easily ordering fresh supplies straight from your fridge with your voice.

This will allow your devices to offer a superior culinary experience by usingimage recognition technologyto identify ingredients within the fridge and generate suggested recipes based on your preferences.

New and improvedmotion sensor technology andbattery-powered options are the highlights here - offering a flexibility to your home security setup with1080p Full HD video capture.

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