AI News, CES 2018: The Rise of Drones

CES 2018: The Rise of Drones

On the final day of CES in Las Vegas, IEEE Spectrum senior editor Stephen Cass interviewed Joe Lillie [PDF], a telecom consultant with BIZPHYX, about the dangers of automation and Lillie’s dream of “using fewer devices to do more things.” Lillie also shared his observations from attending CES over the years, such as watching drones graduate from a novelty to a tool.

CES 2016: What To Expect

In 2016, we could see many of the same themes: fitness tracking, notification serving and always-connectedness will likely play a big role in the new year.

While we don’t recommend holding your breath that Apple shows off the Watch 2 during CES 2016, you can be sure that smartwatch makers like Motorola and Huawei will have their latest and greatest on display at the show.

Those with Gear VR will finally be able to use their hands in virtual reality—similar to what we’ve seen from HTC with the Vive or Sony with its Playstation VR efforts slated for 2016.

TipTalk, for example, will enable users to touch their ear to receive better audio quality for calls when outdoors.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond...

Drones, or unmanned systems as CES like to call them, are devices which really began to gain momentum in the popularity stakes last year and with drone exhibitors taking more space at CES than ever before, it doesn't look like they're going to be leaving the market anytime soon.

In fact, with new flying guidelines coming in along with competitions that celebrate drone photography, it seems that drones will continue to feature on trending lists over the coming year and perhaps even beyond.

Below you'll find more information on the drones from these heavy-weights in the unmanned systems market, plus we'll be adding details of new drone technology from other lesser-known brands when we have more information for you.

The DISCO drone is a little different to the normal drone designs we're used to seeing as it has mountable wings that are attached to the body so the device can be simply thrown into the air.

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