AI News, CeBIT 2016: Wingtra Wants To Be Your Hybrid Drone

CeBIT 2016: Wingtra Wants To Be Your Hybrid Drone

Editors Note: This week IEEE Spectrum is covering CeBIT, the monster information and communications technology show that takes place annually in Hanover, Germany.

Quadcopters and other helicopter-style drones can take off and land vertically with pinpoint precision, but they aren’t as fuel efficient or as fast as fixed-wing drones.

The Wingtra takes off vertically (it’s held upright on the ground by fins projecting from the wings and tail), then levels out into horizontal flight.

A removable module can carry different payloads: Those lookingto inspect railway lines or surveycropsfor precision agriculturemight choose to equip the drone with a high-resolution LIDAR or camera package, for example.

Alternatively, an add-on freight module lets the Wingtra carry up to 0.5 kilograms, which Flechsenberger says might prove invaluable in dispatching medical supplies to rural areas.

Professional VTOL Drone for Mapping & Surveying

Thanks to its unique VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) design, the WingtraOne is as easy to use as an agile multicopter with the long range and speed of high endurance fixed-wing airplane.

WingtraOne: A Drone for Professional Mapping & Surveying

Professional entry bundle for hands-on surveyorsSophisticated bundle for 3D reconstruction specialistsBest quality bundle for the high-res aficionadoAdvanced bundle for precision farmersTech SpecsSony QX1 / 20mm lens APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 30mm, RGBSony QX1 / 15mm Voigtländer lens APS-C sensor, 20 mega pixel, focal length equivalent (at 35mm): 22.5mm, RGBSony RX1RII / 35mm lens Full-frame sensor, 42 mega pixel, RGBMicasense RedEdge / 5.5mm lens 5 individual custom sensors, multispectralUsage summaryProfessional mapping and surveyingProfessional mapping and surveying, 3D reconstructionProfessional mapping and surveying, forest and mountain reconstructionPrecision farming, plant analysisMain quality featuresHigh image qualityBrilliant image quality, Largest coverage at limited flight altitude, flexible lens optionsBrilliant image quality, best coverage / GSD, low GSDHigh quality multispectral imagesGSD Range1.4 - 25cm/px 0.6 - 9.8in/px1.4-25cm/px 0.6-9.8 in/px0.7 - 25cm/px 0.28 - 9.8in/px6.7 - 50cm/px 2.6 - 19.7in/pxCoverageat 3cm/px / 1.18in/px 310 ha (at 141m flight altitude) 766 acres (at 463 feet flight altitude)at 3cm/px / 1.18in/px 280 ha (at 106 m flight altitude) 692 acres (at 348 feet flight altitude)at 3cm/px / 1.18in/px 390 ha (at 240m flight altitude) 964 acres (at 787 feet flight altitude)at 8cm/px / 3.1in/px 140 ha (at 106m flight altitude) 346 acres (at 348 feet flight altitude)Coverage at 100m / 328 feet220 ha (at 2.1cm/px) 544 acres (at 0.8in/px) at 60% side overlap260 ha (at 2.8cm/px) 642 acres (at 1.1in/px) at 60% side overlap170 ha (at 1.3cm/px) 420 acres (at 0.5in/px) at 60% side overlap120 ha (at 6.8cm/px) 297 acres (at 2.7in/px) at 70% side overlap

In addition to the extra funding, Wingtra reached other milestones including the overachieved company revenue targets, even before counting a year to the first sale in February 2017.

We see distributors on all continents getting ready to sell the next generation of aerial robots and therefore extend their product portfolio with more powerful and specialized drones.” Until now, public drone companies have not found a way to bridge the gap between multirotors and fixed-wing drones.

WingtraOne is managed through its mission planning software WingtraPilot and collects survey grade aerial data that can be further post processed into high resolution 2D maps (orthomosaics) and 3D models used in surveying, mapping, construction, forestry, agriculture and other industries.