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Betke, Margrit - 海外导师 海外导师 - X-MOL

She conducts research in computer vision, in particular, the development of methods for detection, segmentation, registration, and tracking of objects in visible-light, infrared, and x-ray image data.

Recently she led a $2.8 million NSF research project to develop intelligent tracking systems that reason about group behavior of people, bats, birds, and cells.

Margrit Betke was part of team awarded a 5-year $7.5 million ONR MURI grant to develop unmanned aircraft inspired by the flight mechanics and flight behavior of bats, birds, and insects.

Classes Taught Artificial Intelligence (CS 440/640) in Spring 2016, Room SCI 113, Tue, Thu 12:30-2 pm Geometric Algorithms (CS 132) in Fall 2010 Image and Video Computation (CS 585) in Fall 2015: Tue/Thu 12:30-2 pm, MCS B19 Directed Study in Image and Video Computing: CAS CS 492, GRS CS 941, or GRS CS 979, or Directed Study in AI: GRS CS 941, ongoing.