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What Skills Do I Need to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

Automation, robotics and the use of sophisticated computer software and programs characterize a career in artificial intelligence (AI).

Typical coursework involves study of: Candidates can find degree programs that offer specific majors in AI or pursue an AI specialization from within majors such as computer science, health informatics, graphic design, information technology or engineering.

career in artificial intelligence can be realized within a variety of settings including private companies, public organizations, education, the arts, healthcare facilities, government agencies and the military.

Examples of specific jobs held by AI professionals include: From its inception in the 1950’s through the present day, artificial intelligence continues to advance and improve the quality of life across multiple industry settings.

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has turned from a niche technology/computational area into a mainstream computer science engineering toolkit.

 It is expected that Careers in  Artificial Intelligence will be at the heart of new IT developments in areas like automation, DevOps platforms, the Internet Chabot, and robotics.  Careers in Artificial Intelligence is a fast-paced and challenging field that is making visible inroads into our everyday life.

In addition, you should have the skills to carry out AI research in academic or R&D environments and to identify how AI techniques can provide intelligent solutions to IT problems in companies and organizations.

Therefore, the discussion will be based on legal, economic and business issues, such as changes in the future labor market and in company structures, impact on working time, remuneration and on the working environment, new forms of employment and the impact on labor relations.

In addition to companies, employees, lawyers and society, educational systems and legislators are also facing the task of meeting the new challenges that result from constantly advancing technology.

So, to define careers in Artificial Intelligence we have two types of careers and they are as below:  Academic Careers: To have an academic career in Artificial Intelligence people usually go for Research or PhDs as it fetches them a great motivation to learn and a stage to prove their abilities in R&D departments.

Verticals: Domains which are targeting Artificial Intelligence are mentioned below: Some of these vertical positions may require security clearance prior to hiring depending on the sensitivity of information employees may be expected to handle.

Everything you need to know about a career in AI

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that automation pretty much goes hand in hand with the future of work, which, incidentally, isn’t so much in the future any more – it’s in the present.

We’ve already explored the historical background of the ‘robots taking jobs’ line and, thankfully, we’ve shown that the advances within technology will bring a more skilled workforce and create more jobs as it develops.

“Your foundational stuff is probably your data architects, your software engineers and then your machine and deep learning engineers.” Beyond those two levels, Gernon said specialist research engineers would come next, including those that specialise in computer vision, language and speech.

“A lot of generic software engineers or data engineers are looking at upskilling and jumping on the sexier bandwagon of AI and machine learning by becoming machine-learning engineers,” he said.

You need specialists that can do the large-scale deep-learning stuff.” When it comes to AI, it’s not just a matter of the technology advancing to a point where these jobs exist.

Research from September 2017 published in MIT Sloan Management Review shows that almost 85pc of business executives believe that AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage, but only about 20pc have done something about it.

Despite wanting and needing to develop alongside AI, businesses are reluctant to truly embrace the change, and this can have a knock-on effect when it comes to upskilling and developing the talent.

She believes that if people are going to spend so much of their lives at work, it should be the place where their souls, hearts and minds come alive.

Because AI is a relatively new career track, there aren’t exactly streams of graduates waiting in the wings for the jobs that are becoming available.

There are also options available in healthcare working with medical devices, in aeronautics working with flight simulators and drones, and also within the education sector.

How To Reinvent Your Career By Learning Artificial Intelligence?

Employees at all stages of their careers are challenged by the technological and socio-economical changes that are limiting the suitability of these employee’s current skills and learning.

AI ecosystem is remarkably close to reaching an inflection point as it is exponentially growing and amplifying the impact on all other relevant technologies.

Your ability to anticipate and prepare for the future skills will be most critical for your success Life-long learning ability and dynamically updating your skills will prepare you to take advantage of unseen opportunities and pave the path for the personal vision for success.

Following are few examples of these profiles:- In a traditional career path education, skills, and experience and job roles: should be aligned as much as possible, but a career in Artificial Intelligence can be realized in many constructs and in virtually all industries.

Real-world problems, life-long learning, keeping yourself up-to-date with new research, expanding your expertise to other domains — if this excites you then you are already on the path to preparing yourself for the economy of the future.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing are easy to learn but if you can’t set a routine to learn every day for months and don’t want to get your hands’ dirty playing with various AI tools — then you should choose formal education path.

Learning Artificial Intelligence using various self-learning platforms allows you the flexibility of economy, learning on your own timelines and opportunities to deal with real-world issues, and early industry experience.

If you are at the beginning of your career and crave to immerse yourself in deep and interesting problems — formal education from the top institution will provide right launching platform.

If you are into managed service business you should be able to think of various ways to automate, extend and improve existing processes and methods.

It took almost another year to learn specific machine learning stacks like Azure ML, TensorFlow, AWS Lex, AWS Polly, AWS Rekognition and AWS SageMaker From sorting cucumbers to curing cancers, machine learning algorithms are highly prominent in our daily lives.

Current efficiencies of AI is so great that the greatest minds on this planet are predicting that in near future AI will triumph over humanity and will present a direct threat to human survival.

These technological advances are posing unprecedented and fundamental challenges –causing disruption in the deep relationship between employment growth and productivity growth, called The Great Decoupling.

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