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Artificial Intelligence internship

Research how users gain trust for digital products and services and design a solution to measure the trust level in existing and future products/features.Exact is one of the market leading business software companies in the Netherlands.

We design and build bookkeeping software that is daily used by hundred-thousands of entrepreneurs and accountants in multiple business sectors.

In this we offer multiple packages in our product to serve the needs of our customers in order to let them safely and effectively run their businesses.

Artificial Intelligence – a tool for Daimler "Artificial Intelligence Research" team

Cutting-edge IT and the availability of large amounts of data (big data) enable AI to find and use very complex patterns in a highly automated manner.

We are algorithm experts who are trying to discover the crucial patterns in driving and use situations as well as in components and test data.

Once we have found these patterns, we can work together with the specialist development departments to improve existing functions or create completely new ones.

This aspect, in particular, makes AI a very interdisciplinary field in which algorithm experts work together with function developers, psychologists, and designers.

The Point

Decades of popular science fiction have painted artificial intelligence (AI) as futuristic, mysterious and sometimes campy – on track to become reality around the same time bankers begin driving hover cars to work.

And as advancements continue at a rapid pace, new capabilities will alter the way businesses serve their customers – and the way customers expect to be served.

At its most sophisticated level, AI theoretically could enable machines to form original ideas, exhibit nuanced social skills and teach themselves how to solve complex problems.

While the full potential of AI is still coming into focus, we can be certain that AI-powered applications will someday manage many of the tasks a business's staff does now and make employees more capable in new responsibilities.

Banking services using digital assistants are attracting more attention, and leading financial services providers are building out voice banking skills that connect Amazon®

As financial institutions turn their attention to stronger data and analytics – creating a clear data strategy, assigning dedicated resources to manage data initiatives and partnering with data-focused technology providers – they've built a solid bedrock for coming innovations.

Machine learning is the point at which bots gain the ability to create new assumptions and predict outcomes based on a range of existing information, without being explicitly guided by human programming.

5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2019: Analytics, Industries, Approaches, Ethics, Job Creation

Back to the year 1983, there were well-known predictions by Isaac Asimov, an eminent science fiction writer, who, in his works, was ahead of the time.

Let’s figure out present-day predictions for AI based on the results of a global survey conducted by world leaders in the domain.

More than a half of respondents out of the adopters of predictive AI engine consider more accurate forecasting and decision-making as core benefits of using AI.

For instance, in the financial services industry, with AI widely used and demonstrating real progress, AI assists human professionals in the field with security, verification, predictive tasks, and so on in an easy-to-understand manner.

It is vital to disclose the essence to a general audience, impress and engage consumers, and stay comprehensive when introducing amazing capabilities and new customer experience.

It is poised to process and analyze volumes of data on social accounts and communities across different social networks and power strategy building to find more efficient ways of doing business and running marketing campaigns.

To date, as the survey unveils, about 63% of AI adopters are preoccupied with the ethical issues to the extent that there are ethics committees created to review AI use cases.

With the growing number of organizations successful in merging AI into their business processes, the importance of potential unethical use of AI will be unlikely to be wiped away.

Advanced analytical capabilities will allow deriving valuable data from social networks and refining interactions with the consumers by making AI more transparent for a general audience.

But in pursuit of new revenue sources, it will be crucial to keep an eye on ethical issues of AI deployment and wisely introduce the technology to employees.

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