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The 38 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2020

Top Recruiting Software 2020 The capabilities of recruiting software are changing rapidly and HR Tech, once an oxymoron, is alive and well in 2020.

In 2019, Josh Bersin, industry analyst and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, revealed he is currently tracking “more than 1400 HR technology companies.” With hundreds of recruiting software companies out there, how do you determine which ones are worth investing in?

The competing demands of increased hiring volume and decreased recruiter headcount, AI and automation tools will continue to be a top recruiting software category in 2020.

With a recent survey finding 63% of HR managers having conducted an online interview, video interviewing software is becoming an important part of the recruiting tech stack.

Google Hire Alternative

As you build new candidate relationships it is equally important to nurture existing ones.

CVViZ helps you build and nurture candidate relationships with its powerful tools.

Candidate History Understand the history of the candidates through all the actions that were taken in the past, notes, and emails in one place.

Re-tapping into the Candidate Pool Using Artificial Intelligence

And I’m also looking at the team behind who’s building these companies, because I want to really be attracted to the best talent, who’s building out these technologies for my team.

Because we’ve spent many years building out the pool through all of our various marketing techniques to get candidates to apply and we don’t have a really efficient way to mine that data, so I think that was very attractive.

So I even think about the concept of getting an email from a company that I, at one point, had bothered to research, put in an application, write a torturous please hire me letter and then there you go and then they sent, bing, me an email.

So that’s why you’re getting the 70 percent open rates and really being able to convert those people who were, at one time, a fan of your company, found you.

So even though we’re not a Fortune 500 company per se, with thousands and thousands of employees, we still have a huge footprint of candidates we’ve touched.

And candidates certainly change over time, and somebody three years ago may have gone off and picked up some new technologies or skills and now they’re much more interesting to us and more interesting to us to hire.

I’m a serial job hopper, I have to say and—but I think if I had worked for a company that was ready to nurture me and keep me, I would stay longer and I think it’s important.

So we live in a new world where people are free agents and if you’re not continually offering them upside internally, they certainly have a lot of options externally.

Jared: Yeah, I think the—my parting words would be we have to kill the status quo and we have to be questing after new ways, new approaches, more systematic, more efficient, more automated ways of doing things.