AI News, Can I choose data science career being a bipc student?

Can I choose data science career being a bipc student?

Choosing a right career and to be successful in it is a big question in today’s analytics growing market, one such new vogue is data science.

Data science involves mix of computer science, mathematics and trend spotter, their job is to decipher large data and do further analysis to drive company successfully.

Field you can choose from are: Data Architect: They work closely with a user, developer and system designer by creating a blueprint for them to integrate, maintain, centralized and protect data sources.

Business intelligence analyst: Business intelligence analyst work is to analyze the data and clearing out where the company stands, they also help in figuring out market and business trends.

Data scientist: They help in translating business case into analytic agenda by understanding the data, hypotheses developing, and exploring statistical pattern to measure the impact of it in business.

Salary: Speaking about salary one who pursues his career in data science the lowest pay data scientist can make 60,000 $ and up, and rest you can imagine once you stabilize a Career in Data Science.

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