AI News, Can Data Science be the CURE of Mankind

Can Data Science be the CURE of Mankind

While working at my phd problem statement , I  got stumbled over this idea what I have disclosed for an open discussion struck by how the supervised machine learning techniques that industries  used can be restructured to suit to help predict the next person in our neighborhood  to be hospitalized and the hospital get an alarm call and then the concerned person is diagonozed and treated in its preliminary stage itself rather than waiting and advancing it to NEVER COME BACK stage.

say in the case of cancer cell being X and Y parameters and we wanted to curb the growth we need to find values of m and x which could stabilize and neutralize the effects.  Our problem statement can be cornered to  build a model and then the remaining data is used to assess how well the model works to curb the unwanted cell growth.

Guidelines for prevention of hospital acquired infections

Number of dispenser filled with alcohol rub and number of dispenser working when compared to total number of dispensers available are also simple monitoring parameters.[57] Predesigned format for survey, inspection and interview Data collection and compliance monitoring are facilitated if a format is available for doing so.[58] For full, partial and minimal compliance >85%, 76-84% and <75% respective scores had been suggested.[59] Surveillance Surveillance is defined as ‘′ongoing, systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health data essential to the planning, implementation and evaluation of public health care practice.

It is closely integrated with timely dissemination of these data to those who need to know.′’[58,60] Periodicity of data collection Frequency of data collection, analysis and generation of report for evaluation and taking corrective measures should also be predefined.[54] If data is being collected intermittently then, it should be done at least for four continuous weeks in each time period under study.[58] Authenticity of data remains a matter of concern therefore source of data should always be mentioned and its must be verified before relying on the same for decision making.

Hospitals with sophisticated information systems are in a position to streamline surveillance process through computer-based algorithms that identifies patients at highest risk of HAI.[54] Computerized surveillance helps in better implementation of preventive strategies, but lower infection rates had not been proven conclusively.[62,63] The use of sinks and hand rub dispensers had also been used for electronic monitoring of hand hygiene practice.[4,57] Endemic rate of infection Surveillance of endemic infection is the focal point of infection control activity.



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