AI News, Can Businesses Use “Emotional” Artificial Intelligence?

Can Businesses Use “Emotional” Artificial Intelligence?

Episode summary: This week on AI in Industry, we speak to Rana el Kaliouby, Co-founder and CEO of Affectiva about how machine vision can be applied to detecting human emotion –

Enterprises leveraging cameras today to gain an understanding of customer engagement and emotions will find Rana’s thoughts quite engaging, particularly her predictions about the future of marketing and automotive.

While machine vision has gained massive popularity from the very dawn of the machine learning renaissance in 2011, emotional awareness in machine vision is still a nascent field –

According to Rana, a traditional pain point in market research and advertising is that organizations spend millions of dollars through campaigns aimed at creating emotional connections with people, but they’re often unable to gauge a response beyond clicks and mouse activity.

AI software can then detect micro-expressions in the customers’ face throughout the ad in real time and categorize the overall reaction as either positive or negative sentiment (such as a small smile, or a look of surprise or confusion).

She says that in accordance with current regulations around self-driving vehicles, there must be a human co-pilot in the vehicle at all times and the car will need to hand back control to the human operator at some point.

The transferable lesson for the future here is that with AI and cameras expected to be embedded in all types of environments, gauging customer responses to products or services, and monitoring human activity and behavior in critical situations (such as driving or operating heavy machinery).

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