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Artificial intelligence to produce fake news

American actor Jordan Peele is voicing Barack Obama by using AI technology and warning about how AI technology can be used to generate fake news and ...

Can Artificial Intelligence detect fake news - Ziad Alshobaki

Artificial Intelligence Fuels Fake News

In the future it will be even harder to trust the news we see, hear, and are exposed to, and it could create an endemic trust issue for everyone, and every society, ...

How Alphabet Is Using AI to Combat Fake News

May.09 -- Bloomberg's Emily Chang caught up with Alphabet Inc.'s VP of News Richard Gingras. They covered how the company is fighting back on fake stories ...

Artificial Intelligence could make fake news even harder to spot !

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AI may be a ‘piece of the puzzle’ to tackling fake news: Wikipedia co-founder | World Economic Forum

Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales and Edelman CEO Richard Edelman discuss whether there's a dominant role for artificial intelligence in the future of news. Subscribe ...

The future of robots and artificial intelligence

David Pogue of Yahoo Tech explores advances in robotics and AI (or artificial intelligence) at the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge; and talks with director Alex ...

Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine - Fake News - Social Engineering - Artificial Intelligence #4UTWO

Article mentioned: . 4UTWO ..

Facebook Eyes Artificial Intelligence for Spotting Fake News

Facebook says its artificial intelligence know-how could eventually be a key to stamping out the fake news that critics say has infused the social media network.

Fake News: AI video is about to make the problem far worse

BBC News at Six 13 November 2018 IMPORTANT NOTICE: The restriction mentioned below is now in effect. (28 October 2018) PREVIOUS MESSAGES: In the ...