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Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review First submission: December 30 2019 Call for papers for the Special issue: User Roles in Cycling Governance: Transitions and InnovationsTransportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives Final manuscripts due: December 31 2019 Call for papers: Planning for No-notice and Short-notice Emergency Evacuation Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives Final manuscripts due: January 1 2020 Call for papers: Smart Safety Systems for IndustrySafety Science First submission: January 31 2020 Call for papers: Design, management, sustainability and evaluation of transportation systems in the ArcticTransportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice Final manuscripts due: April 1 2020 Call For Papers: Emerging Issues in Sustainable Urban Transport: Behavioral Models and ExperimentsTransportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour Final manuscripts due: April 30 2020

STM Week 2019 Combined Registration

Introduction and Ideas Factory Lead: Toby Green (formerly Head of Publishing, OECD) will manage this, new to STM, interactive event on day 3 of STM Week at the Congress Centre, London on Thursday 5th December.

How can we help make research results cut through the ill-informed social-media clutter and have a positive impact on society?  In this brand-new Ideas Factory format, you will be led through a series of exercises by experts who have long experience in making research results more impactful.

Do expect to be fully engaged, to participate, to meet and create ideas with new colleagues - and to have fun.  Evidenced-based decisions are undoubtedly beneficial to society but consider this: research funders are increasingly requiring researchers to show the impact of what they’ve done with their grants.