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C Programming for Machine Learning (LIVE)

The ability to write implementations of machine learning algorithms in pure C allows developers to very efficiently manage memory allocation, concurrency, and ...

A.I. - Artificial Intelligence, Game of Life program walkthru in C++, Oldschool Console based. ACE

A.I. - Artificial Intelligence, Game of Life program walkthru, in C++, CONSOLE based (i.e. OLDSCHOOL) - ACE Appetite Control & Energy - MORE ENERGY, ...

John Lennox: Should We Fear Artificial Intelligence?

On Oct. 9, 2018, John Lennox addressed the critical questions surrounding artificial intelligence and how the future of artificial intelligence bears on a Christian ...

c#- AI robot plays BetIn online casino , Pattern recognition + Artificial intelligence

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Create Artificial Intelligence - EPIC HOW TO

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Build a Neural Net in 4 Minutes

How does a Neural network work? Its the basis of deep learning and the reason why image recognition, chatbots, self driving cars, and language translation ...

The Times Interviews Geoffrey Hinton, An A.I. Pioneer in Canada

The New York Times will be live streaming select panels from Google's Go North Canada conference on artificial intelligence on November 2nd, 2017. Tune in ...

FUN Google AI Projects - You Can Try !

Here are some fun Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) Projects that you can try online. TRY GOOGLE AI 10 Upcoming ..

How to create Artificial Intelligence in Python : Part-1 || Iron Man Friday?

Hello Friends, I am very excited while creating the video. This video is very close to my heart. Why? I love Marvel series specially the Iron Man and his AI Jarvis.

Artificial Intelligence is going to replace programmers

3 trends that are merging into AI: big data, affordable HPC, research in deep learning and advances in DL systems. In this video I talk about why programmers ...