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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Patents

Les let’s dwell awhile on the notion of problem and solution.

Under the EPC, we examine for patentability on the basis that a patentable invention has to be viewed as the solution to a technical problem, that has been defined in a claim as a combination of technical features.

Presumably, it scours the art for hints or suggestions, how to solve the problem, then implements those suggestions.

The snag is, that which the prior art hints or suggests, to the PHOSITA, as the solution, is not patentable because it is deemed to be obvious.

The human brain is thinking hard, chock full of what we call “doubt”.

Networked self-teaching machines will work out that the patent system is harmful to Mother Earth, Gaia, and will then take it upon itself to decide that nothing more is patentable.

A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans.

Prasenjit Baidya grew up on a farm about 30 miles from Kolkata, the largest city in West Bengal, on the east coast of India.

His parents and extended family still live in his childhood home, a cluster of brick buildings built at the turn of the 19th century.

They grow rice and sunflowers in the surrounding fields and dry the seeds on rugs spread across the rooftops.

Founded in 2012 and still a private company, iMerit has its employees perform digital tasks like transcribing audio files or identifying objects in photos.

“We want to bring people from low-income backgrounds into technology — and technology jobs,” said Radha Basu, who founded Anudip and iMerit with her husband, Dipak, after long careers in Silicon Valley with the tech giants Cisco Systems and HP.

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