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Computer Science master of science degree

The program consists of 30 credit hours of course work, which includes one core course, three courses in a cluster, four electives, and a thesis or project.

Students select three cluster courses from the following areas: The computer graphics and visualization cluster provides the technical foundations for graduate studies in computer graphics and image understanding.

Areas for further study include graphics programming, rendering and image synthesis, computer animation and virtual reality, image processing and analysis, and data visualization.

This area studies systems formed from multiple cooperating computers, including the analysis, design, and implementation of distributed systems, distributed middleware, and computer networking protocols, including security.

Courses cover computer vision, robotics, virtual theater, sensor networks, data mining, document recognition, and the theoretical foundations of decision-making (e.g., Markov chains and the properties of voting protocols).

The theory cluster studies the fundamentals of computation, which includes complexity theory to determine the inherent limits of computation, communication, and cryptography and the design and analysis of algorithms to obtain optimal solutions within those limits.

Master Artificial Intelligence

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