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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc (Hons)

15 January

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Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at Sussex explores the scientific basis of intelligence in animals and machines.

You can shape your degree to suit your interests, specialising either in technology or in cognitive science – the interdisciplinary study of intelligence and mind.

This course is accredited byBCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Teaching is through lectures, seminars, individual and small-group supervision and computer-based practical work.

Group projects introduce you to the challenges of working in multi-person teams and carrying out large-scale technical development and implementation.

Assessment is by a combination of exams, coursework, group projectsand an individual project.

92% of Informaticsstudents were in work or further study six months after graduating.

IT skills are highly valued in many sectors.

Your degree also provides skills in flexibility, critical thinking, problem solving and attention to detail.

Course details are supplied by UCAS and are subject to change.

You should always confirm the details with the provider.

Note that not all part-time courses are listed by UCAS –

check directly with the institution you're interested in.

Prospective Undergraduates

The curriculum is designed with the objective of equipping the graduate with rigorous training needed for the new economy, and with the mindset for continual life-long learning in order to adapt to changes.

For the Major in Mathematical Sciences, apart from analytical and reasoning skills, together with problem-solving skills, acquired through the learning of rigorous mathematical concepts, students will also be able to pick up computing skills, technical communication techniques, as well as have the opportunity to learn how mathematics is connected with other disciplines such as biology, computer science, economics and finance.

Michael Coward - BSc Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence

Michael talks about the support system within his course.

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This was my project for my bachelors thesis at the University of Bedfordshire in 2016.

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Short film about the bachelor's degree programme Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen.

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University of Sussex, BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence

University of Sussex undergraduate student Nicola Guenigault talks about her BSc in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc

Nicola Guenigault talks about the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence BSc degree at the University of Sussex.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at University of Birmingham

Current undergraduate students discuss their experiences in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Find out more:

Marco Capriles - Bsc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Marco came to Bedfordshire to study because it is the only university he found Artificial Intelligence and Robotics as a single degree. He has found it challenging ...

Advance Artificial Intelligence Dietitian Project

Get this software project at

My Graduation Ceremony Speech - Artificial Intelligence

One of My Best Moments - 2004-08-26 in Hong Kong First Class Honours in BSc. in Computing from London Metropolitan University (UK) and Hong Kong ...