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Computer Science BSc (Hons)

Develop sound theoretical and practical abilities in software design, development and experimentation, to become an innovative computing professional.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to apply valid computer science methods to new and emerging computing problems.

The course combines software systems design, software development, interaction design, artificial intelligence, computational mathematics, computer graphics and vision.

In the first year, you’ll learn the basics of computer science, including mathematics and programming skills, followed by more advanced and specialised units in the second and final years.

You’ll learn from active researchers with expertise in important areas of computer science, including artificial intelligence, human computer interaction, mathematical foundations and visual computing.

You’ll have access to purpose-built teaching labs, including a dedicated prototyping lab, allowing you to create and experiment with software-driven systems and devices.

Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Intelligent Systems

This programme is specifically designed to provide: ​Note: This programmes require a Credit in Additional Mathematics in SPM or 'O' Levels for entry to Degree Programme.

The qualification and entry requirements for the programmes will be determined based on the 'Comparison List of Equivalency of International Qualifications with SPM (O-Levels equivalent) and STPM (A-Levels equivalent)' published by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Two modules offer an introduction to the concepts associated with data acquisition that are the key to computer automation: Imaging &

Students will undertake an Internship/Industrial Training for a minimum period of 16 weeks to prepare them for a smooth transition from the classroom to the working environment.

The focus of Level 3 is further development of relevant technical skills and the ability to apply these skills with strong critical thinking and analysis, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Option modules allow you to enhance skills developed in previous study of statistical artificial intelligence techniques, visualisation, processing data from sensor networks, and management.

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The Department of Artificial Intelligence's focus is mainly on how to render and inject intelligence in everyday applications and computerised systems.