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Application and admission for BSc Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

The application process begins the moment you click on the submit button in MySAS and may take up to ten weeks.

This depends on several factors, such as the total number of applications in process, the time of year you apply, your availability for the matching interview and the completeness of your application.

Please read this paragraph carefully, so that you fully understand the process and are aware of all relevant deadlines and other important information.

When your application is complete, the Admissions Committee will determine whether your academic background meets our admission requirements, based on your application documents.

To ensure you don’t miss any important messages, please keep a close watch on your e-mail and use an e-mail address which you check regularly.

Add the e-mail address of the Admissions Officer to your safe sender list, and check your spam mailbox regularly to ensure you receive all messages sent by our Admissions Officer.

Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

The department of Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) focuses on cutting-edge research in the areas of cognitive science and artificial intelligence, including affective computing, computational (psycho)linguistics, data science, educational technologies, games, human-robot interaction, image analytics, machine learning, modeling, social analytics, and virtual & mixed reality.

The department is responsible for several educational programs, in particular the specialization Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence and the Master's specialization Data Science and Society.  Moreover, members of the department contribute to other programs at Tilburg University, including the Bachelor in Data Science (offered jointly with the Eindhoven University of Technology), the University College Tilburg and the Master's program in Data Science and Entrepreneurship.

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This module is an individual project where you have the opportunity to choose or define your own topic which will lead to you producing a significant piece of work related to the aims of your programme.

You will also acquire or further develop skills in areas such as report writing, literature searching, research methods, data analysis, project management and personal time management.You have the opportunity to choose between three structures for your project, including• Software Engineering - suitable for projects whose emphasis is the construction of a piece of software (a product) for actual use or to a similar standard, following sound and thorough software engineering processes;

a well-engineered design whose specification involves a significant element of supporting investigation of relevant literature, or a piece of computing hardware• Investigative - for projects that carry out a significant piece of research or investigation.

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