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This page lists the most relevant publications of our members.

The complete list of publications of each member can be found on their corresponding Google Scholar page, and here is the collective Google Scholar page of the GOOD OLD AI network.

Detecting learning strategies with analytics: Links with self-reported measures and academic performance.

programming and soft skills with open badges: A case study.

Learning analytics to unveil learning strategies in a flipped classroom.

Textual affect communication and evocation using abstract generative visuals.

Grading soft skills with open badges.

Open badges: Novel means to motivate, scaffold and recognize learning.

Penetrating the omerta of predatory publishing: the romanian connection.

Science and engineering ethics, 21(1), 183-202.

Assessing programmers’ collaboration skill: А case study.

Info M, 14(55), 4-10, ISSN 1451-4397 ( Devedžić, V., &

Factors influencing beliefs for adoption of a learning analytics tool: An empirical study. Computers &

Personal learning environments on the social semantic web. Semantic Web, 4(1), 23-51.

Synesketch: An open source library for sentence-based emotion recognition.

A decidable extension of SROIQ with complex role chains and unions.

Automated interpretation of key performance indicator values and its application in education.

A qualitative evaluation of evolution of a learning analytics tool. Computers &

Incorporating the ontology paradigm into software engineering: Enhancing domain-driven programming in clojure/java.

Self-regulated workplace learning: A pedagogical framework and semantic web-based environment.

Semantic web and linked learning to support workplace learning.

Neuroph: An open source software framework for neural network development.

A semantic web-enabled tool for self-regulated learning in the workplace.

Teaching agile software development: A case study.

Magic potion: Incorporating new development paradigms through metaprogramming.

Yano, A collaborative learning environment based on intelligent agents, Expert Systems with Applications, vol.14, issue.1-2, pp.129-137, 1998.DOI : 10.1016/S0957-4174(97)00075-4

Bchir et al., Teaching community health by exploiting international socio-cultural and economical differences, Proceedings of the first European conference on computer supported collaborative learning, pp.97-105, 2001.

Tchounikine, Symba: A framework to support collective activities in an educational context, Proceedings of the international conference on computers in education, pp.188-196, 2003.URL :

Sheldon, Collaboration as a facilitator of planning and problem solving on a computer-based task, British Journal of Developmental Psychology, vol.9, issue.4, pp.471-483, 1991.DOI : 10.1111/j.2044-835X.1991.tb00890.x

Van-der-pol, Grounding is not shared understanding: Distinguishing grounding at an utterance and knowledge level, CONTEXT'05, the fifth international and interdisciplinary conference on modeling and using context, 2005.URL :

Suthers, A coached collaborative learning environment for Entity- Relationship modeling, Proceedings of the 5th international conference on intelligent tutoring systems, pp.324-333, 2000.

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Brouze, Dialectics for collective activities: An approach to virtual campus design, Proceedings of the 9th international conference on AI in education, 1999.URL :

Mühlenbrock, From mirroring to guiding: A review of the state of art technology for supporting collaborative learning, Proceedings of Euro-CSCL, pp.324-331, 2001.URL :

Hämäläinen et al., Specifying computer-supported collaboration scripts, International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, vol.16, issue.1, pp.2-3, 2007.DOI : 10.1007/s11412-007-9014-4URL :

House, The ???false consensus effect???: An egocentric bias in social perception and attribution processes, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, vol.13, issue.3, pp.279-301, 1977.DOI : 10.1016/0022-1031(77)90049-X

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Mandl, Fostering computer supported collaborative learning with cooperation scripts and scaffolds Computer support for collaborative learning: Foundations for a CSCL community, Proceedings of the conference on computer support for collaborative learning, pp.573-574, 2002.

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