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SAP Correspondence Tutorial: Configuration, Generation, Printing Email

There are various standard correspondence types available like invoice print, account statement etc.

Correspondences can be created at the time of particular business transaction processing or at a later stage for already created transaction postings.

In this tutorial, you will learn- Following is example list of various standard correspondence types, which can be copied to create a specific custom form, program, etc.

Configuration of Correspondence in SAP can be carried out in the following steps below Step 1) Define Correspondence Type Path: - SPRO >

You can create such variant from transaction SE38/ SA38 for the program.) You can also create your own custom program as a copy of the standard program and can make suitable changes to meet any of your client specific need.

(The SAP Script form is defined using the transaction SE71, where the various data is arranged in the output format to get processed.

This SAP Script form defines the layout in the output.) You can also use two digit form IDs, by which you can call different forms for different form IDs in the same company code.

You can also specify a different setting for different company codes.(Also two digit sender variant can be defined, which you can give to the selection parameters of the print program.

This will enable different sender details within same company code.) Step 6) Define Sort Variants for Correspondence Path:-SPRO >

if you are generating account statement for multiple vendors, then vendors will get sorted in this order and then the letter will get generated.

As shown earlier also while configuring the call-up point, the correspondence can be generated at below point of times:- Correspondence can be generated for a particular document or for vendor(s)/ customer(s) account.

Here 'Indicator in Master Record', the value given should match with the value given in customer/ vendor master data >

If you select 'Individual Request' check box, then if the same vendor/ customer has line items in multiple company codes, then for each company code a separate statement will get generated.

(The difference from F.61 is that, in F.64 you can also do other operations (like delete, print preview, etc.) for correspondence request already generated.)

Then the correspondence for this customer/ vendor will get generated in email format instead of print output (Taking into account the user exit setting made to determine method of communication in the user exit given in next slide.) (Note: Similarly you can make setting for Fax output via selecting the standard communication as FAX and maintaining Fax no.) This article is contributed by Manisha Singh

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