AI News, BMW confirms fully autonomous iNext for 2021

BMW confirms fully autonomous iNext for 2021

BMW has confirmed that its fully autonomous iNext will be produced for 2021, with lightweight construction and an all-electric range of over 311 miles.  The brand originally announced last year that it had joined the race to produce fully autonomous cars and has teamed up with tech firms Intel and Mobileye in a bid to offer its first fully self-driving car in 2021.

BMW now claims that level 3.5 autonomy will be possible from the car.  Although not one of the official five levels of autonomy, level 3.5 will bridge the gap between 3 and 4;

the former allows part-time fully autonomous driving, but requires human intervention in certain circumstances, while level 4 allows completely human-free driving altogether.  The announcement of another i-branded model, called iNext, was made early in 2017.

Krüger outlined the four main priorities of future motoring as “autonomous, connected, zero emission and sharing” – qualities that are already being pursued across the automotive industry.

BMW confirms fully autonomous iNext for 2021/

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