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We help clients stay ahead by creating new solutions that make legal processes more automated, vast stores of data easier to assimilate, and costs easier to manage.

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I am honored to be part of an organization that not only recognizes and supports female leadership but is proud to promote it.

it is a testament to the ever-increasing blending of industries to remain competitive and expand their talent pool to include more diverse set of skills and expertise.

From hearing firsthand in leadership visioning sessions about new business strategies to come and shifting perceptions around brand, to working with human resources and operations teams that have utilized their broad experience to design new organizational constructs, I have been fortunate to be a part of so many companies’ changing business dynamics, cultures, and environments.

As we grow the IA Philadelphia office, we will continue to hire team players who possess the traits necessary for building a team-oriented culture, those who are “in it to win it” and those who have the vision to elevate the dialogue surrounding the built environment.

80th Annual Conference of the BLP, Awards Ceremony

80th Annual Conference of the BLP, Awards Ceremony.

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Borderlands Presequel getting the delicious treasure in the Dahl Crate by slamming yet another pressure plate.

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