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A.I. Policy and Public Perception - Miles Brundage and Tim Hwang

Miles Brundage - - is an AI Policy Research Fellow with the Strategic AI Research Center at the Future of Humanity Institute ..

The Widespread Myth Of Nobel Prize Origin | Top 7 Facts - The Nobel Prize

Take a look at my new channel where I upload weekly - Alfred Nobel in 1895, signed his ..

ICOs This Week: Squeezer, AI Crypto And GigTricks ICO Reviews

On ICOs This Week we review Squeezer, a platform for blockchain development of apps, AI Crypto, an artificial intelligence ecosystem powered by blockchain ...

Ada Lovelace: The First Computer Programmer (Ada Lovelace Biography)

Ada Lovelace was born Augusta Ada Byron in London on December 10, 1815 to the philandering Romantic poet Lord Byron and strictly religious Annabella ...

At the Viva Tech show in Paris - Le Santo talks to startups working with Orange

Orange Business Services International blog editor Glenn Le Santo attended the Viva Tech start-up show in Paris in June 2016. Glenn discovered a thriving tech ...

What its like to be inside an ICO raising with Holly Stephens

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I interviewed Robert David Steele on Thursday, July 6, 2017. We talk about pedophilia, Trump, the deep state, 911, colonies on Mars and the moons of Saturn, ...

This Chinese Anime Looks Better than Japanese Anime?

The King's Avatar started airing about a month ago and the Chinese anime is already making quite a big splash in the anime community. A post on the Yaraon ...

Coin Interview with Rex

Coin Interview with Rex Rex Website: Rex Youtube: Rex Twitter: .