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Leading with Big Data Analytics Machine Learning

The convergence of big data and machine learning with technologies such as cloud services, sensors, ubiquitous computing, mobile devices and the Internet of Things has created vast new opportunities for business.

Leaders and senior managers interested in building analytics capabilities to drive change within their organisation, including: Although no prior experience in big data, machine learning and analytics is required, participants are encouraged to complete the set of pre-readings provided to prepare for the course.


Bringing analytics, AI and graph to Cray XC series supercomputers The Urika®-XC software suite is a set of powerful big data analytics and AI applications and tools optimized to run on the Cray XC line of supercomputing systems.

Unmatched Performance and Scale for Graph Applications Based on the graph technology in our Urika®-GX agile analytics platform, Urika-XC graph technology breaks new ground in scaling and performance for classic graph-based pattern matching and discovery applications.

Our implementation of graph is an RDF triplestore database capable of supporting massive graph instances, taking advantage of the performance and scale found in the Cray XC series, and implementing W3C’s SPARQL query language for RDF, along with unique-to-Cray built-in graph functions that extend SPARQL.

Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning Vs Data science Vs Deep learning

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