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Artificial Intelligence | Research and Which Majors to Pick

Part 2: This video covers artificial intelligence, research being done in the field, what major to pick to get started ..

Successful Student Presents: Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Colleges

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Top Artificial Intelligence Programs in the U.S.

Many international students come to the U.S. to attain a Master of Science in Computer Science. A specialization of Computer ..

Master Artificial Intelligence

A Day in the Life: Cambridge Computer Science Student

Richard Ngo is studying a Masters in Computer Science with a focus in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Cambridge. Crimson Education is the world ...

Top 10 Universities For Computer Science In Germany (2018) - MS in Germany™

With the advent of technology in the software domain, computer science is now one of the most preferred fields of study for Masters in Germany. And rightly so.

Finding Its Way to the Top: Artificial Intelligence | Kaiesh Vohra | TEDxBandra

Kaiesh Vohra has earned a first class honours degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from University of Edinburgh. He loves coding and ...

Artificial Intelligence

Short film about the bachelor's degree programme Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen.

Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

In the computer science industry, the amount of job opportunities and career paths available are ever-growing. Let's lay out a few of those career paths to help ...

Which Programming Language for AI? | Machine Learning

How to learn AI for Free : Future Updates : Developers who are moving towards Artificial intelligence and Machine .