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Computer Science Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee's extensive higher education system offers students the opportunity to pursue degrees on campuses in many different parts of the state.

Students interested in online computer science schools in Tennessee can visit the TN eCampus, which provides a wealth of information regarding how to pursue online degrees through schools in the state.

Additionally, resident students can take advantage of state incentives and financial aid programs when attending online Tennessee computer science schools.

Computer Science Department Requirements

The CS curriculum provides knowledge that is applicable across many fields, including many areas of engineering, science, and medicine.

For more details about specific classes, check out course ranking sites Carta, old class webpages,

Course ranking sites have student comments and some official registrar data about course difficulty and instructor quality.

Class webpages from previous quarters will often contain handouts and old assignments that can give you a good feel for the class material. Most

Taking 3 classes that all have programming assignments and a large final project is probably not the best idea.

Typically, a balanced schedule includes some mix of programming classes and problem set classes.

The information on this page is kept up-to-date as much as possible, but it is always a good idea to verify that it matches the undergraduate engineering handbook or your specific program sheet since they are the definitive sources of information on these matters.

To receive this approval, take a program sheet and unofficial transcript to Huang 135.

biocomputation and computer engineering tracks differ from those listed here.

can be any combination of classes from an approved set of courses, listed on the first page of the program sheets.

Because of significant overlap in the material covered, certain class combinations cannot be counted towards the math requirement.

general, almost any college level, first year physics class that covers

The class has weekly problem sets, labs, a midterm, and a final.

Effective as of the 2017-2018 program sheets, you can now count an additional CS depth course (track or general elective) in place of the second engineering fundamentals course.

Keep in mind that if you take ENGR40A instead of ENGR40M, you still have to fulfill the required number of units within the Engineering Fundamentals section.

This can be done either by taking 5 unit Engineering Fundamentals Elective or making up the rest of the units in your depth courses.

For example, if you take CS106B, ENGR40A, and a 3 unit Engineering Fundamentals, you need another additional 2 units, which you can make up by making sure you have 2 additional units in your depth courses on the back of the program sheet.

will focus on teaching problem solving skills, basic abstract data

(stacks, queues, linked lists, hash tables, binary trees, generics

class aims to teach students about computer systems from the hardware

CS110 will teach students how to build larger scale systems using operating

and file management (file systems, virtual memory), networking (sockets,

CS161 gives students the tools to analyze data structures and algorithms.

greedy algorithms, hasing, heaps, graph algorithms, and search

gateway classes, 1-2 classes form a menu of highly-related courses,

of two lists, the general CS electives list or the list of classes that fulfill

second popular way to fulfill the senior project requirement is to

team functions as a small startup company with dedicated space, a discretionary

In order to receive transfer credit for anything on the front of the program sheet, you must go through the School of Engineering.

Include the Stanford class for which you are requesting credit, where and when you took the course, its name and number, for how many units you took the course, a syllabus, and a textbook list.

For assistance with academic and administrative matters beyond the scope of the CS department, such as enrollment status or transfer credit not showing up on your transcript, file a ticket or stop by the Student Services Center.

In general, students must follow the program sheets in order to graduate.

Students who which to deviate from the program sheet can petition to ask for exceptions or deviations to the stated requirements.

For petitions to undergraduate Computer Science requirements (found on the back side of the undergraduate program sheet), students can send an email to the CS Petitions Committee at with a description of what change you would like to make and a brief rationale for why the course deserves to be on the electives list.

Your petition will be reviewed by the appropriate council members, and they will typically get back to you within a few weeks.

below 100 or above 400 are not usually approved as electives.

Changes to the front side of the program sheet (School of Engineering requirements) are handled through a separate process in the School of Engineering.

If you would like more information about the undergraduate petition process or to talk through the likelihood of gtting your petition approved, you can contact Meredith Hutchin.

Master's students get one advisor-approved deviation from their program sheet, which is at the discretion of their advisor.

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