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Best Mobile App Development Companies (2018)

What are the best mobile app development companies on the market I should get in touch?

To cut your googling that maybe painstaking, we chose for you companies with a proven track record and a diversified portfolio; most of the app development companies here can code for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or go cross-platform and build a hybrid app. We looked at the strength of their UX/UI design and their willingness to dabble with new tech like wearables, AR, VR, Blockchain, Amazon Alexa and conversational bots.

This app development companies guide divides into the following macro-regions: To introduce with the biggest pool first, we begin with the USA based companies.

One thing to consider about US app development agencies is that they’re forced to compete in pricing with Eastern Europe and India app development shops and hence to stay competitive they’re forced to innovate in their approach even more than their counterparts in other parts of the world.

With the capabilities of international agency and the ethos of a startup, Fueled builds uniquely innovative products that are designed to scale. Since 2009 Fueled team built iOS and Android apps that collectively generated more than $250 million in revenue.

Android app development, Machine Learning, AI, Wearables to software quality assurance (including mobile user interface testing). Among the company’s key clients are Looksery (owned by Snapchat), LiveNation, Men’s Wearhouse, Qcare, MyBreath and more.

Having 15+ years of experience on the market, allows its team to leverage the company’s web development experience to work on both web and mobile based projects, delivering high quality products for iOS, Android, Hybrid and IoT software development, as well as VR, AR and Hololens software development.

Namely mobile app development (iOS and Android), design, strategy, web development, IoT, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, product management, usability, accessibility, and research and development.

Arctouch is San Francisco, California based web design and development company with a team of 50+ employees, more than 10 years of experience on the market and software development expertise to build iOS, Android and Xamarin apps.

Arctouch is focused on Enterprise software development and aim to help businesses to be better connected with their customers via mobile apps and IoT devices.

It’s one of the biggest Enterprise software developers in the world with expertise at developing custom mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, hybrid app development, 3D animation services, AR software development.

utility is New York, US based software development studio with a small team of dedicated app developers and impressive portfolio of clients that features big companies.

It specializes at mobile app development, web software development, UX/UI design, VR experiences, responsive website design, event technology solutions, graphic design, digital strategy, iOS &

The small team of talented software developers, designers and testers has an impressive portfolio of companies it worked with including Apple (to augment its developers team to complete iOS &

DMI – From mobile strategy to UX/UI and deployment, DMI is an end-to-end Enterprise mobility company based in Maryland, and one of the bigger app devs out there, with over 1000 employees and offices in the US, UK and Spain.

LiveTyping – An agile team of 50 people ready to help startups, nonprofits and Enterprises to create, integrate and support modern software solutions.

hedgehog lab – is a global product consultancy which focuses on assisting brands and enterprises in achieving their business goals using emerging technologies.

Hedgehog lab team works alongside major brands such as Home Group, AkzoNobel, B&M, Northumbrian Water, CMC Markets, Santander, Thales, Autodesk, Mitsubishi, Microsoft, Lloyds, Financial Times and EDF Energy. In addition to solutions for platforms like iOS, Android, Python, VR, AR and MR, the company also provides AI solutions for brands looking to better engage their customers.

Having more than 15 years of experience in software development, this app development studio has a strong voice in mobile app development landscape in United Kingdom and abroad.

UX app development company with an expertise at helping businesses to go mobile, by taking care of the whole process from pre-design, design, development to supporting deployed solutions.

“With a team of 70+, Apadmi is a mobile technology company that works with clients of all sizes to understand how and where to use mobile in their organisation to make life better for customers and internal staff alike – delivering the complete solutions needed to make it happen.

Provides both engineering and mobile consultancy services, and since foundation in 2011 has delivered 55+ mobile apps to over 45 clients, covering iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Ukraine, Kyiv based app development studio with more than 1,000 employees and 25+ years of software development experience the company leverages to develop superb mobile apps.

Product Design by ELEKS GBKSOFT is Ukraine based mobile and web development company with 70+ in-house developers, more than 6 years on the market and 700+ projects developed.

After 9 years on the market it’s managed to build a team of 40 professionals (iOS, Android, Web developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, QA testers).

The company also provides consulting on an app soft launch geo strategies, audience, competitors and opportunities benchmarking, as well as optimization app data analysis, monetization, KPIs, funnel and A/B testing.

Diceus dedicated team has more than 100 software developers on staff with a wide spectrum of expertise in software development, the company’s services lineup includes Enterprise software development for CRM, ERP and other custom-designed software products, software QA &

On top of the in-house software development, it offers Outstaff services to bring its expertise at mobile and desktop software development to companies software projects.

Since 2007 the team has managed to build a solid expertise at mobile app product market research, app design &

A digital product development agency focusing on data-driven mobile and web-services and self-learning tools. The main idea behind the company is in its slogan saying “your ideas turned into success”.

Web and mobile development experts founded in 2007, they create native apps for both iOS and Android as well as dabble in IoT applications.  Now we move further east, towards the subcontinent.

talent for coding and a huge investment in the cities of Ahmedabad and Bengaluru have made India one of the beacons of global app creation, often offering a choice between in-house and outsourced development.

ISO 9001:2015 certified mobile app development company with a team of 180+ professionals in software code development, project management, UI/UX design, app prototyping &

Custom Mobile App Development Services by Konstant Infosolutions Octal IT Solution – web, software and mobile app development company with 12 years of developing a wide range of software for startups and all the way up to Fortune 500 companies.

Zealous System is a software development and IT consulting services company, with an expertise in mobile app development for various platforms – iOS, Android – as well as in latest technologies – Swift, Kotlin, Java, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native.

covers both app and mobile web development, and does so with two different models: either with in-house development and design, or by allowing you to hire one of their devs to work with your team.

 a member of GESIA, ISO 9001:2008 certified and based in Ahmedabad, HyperLink Infosystem offers a huge range of services ranging from UX/UI design to game design, native apps and more. With more than 7 years on the market under its belt, the company’s developers team has gained solid experience at developing iOS, Android mobile apps as well as mobile web development.

Magneto IT Solutions is mobile and app development company that has a team of highly skilled software developers with more than 9 years of experience of Mobile Application Development under their belt. The company has been highly rated over B2B review and rating sites by its happy customers for their services.

Edge Technologies is an app design and development agency based in Jaipur, India and specialized in building full stack mobile products, with native technologies for iOS &

It has a team that specializes at app development, UX and UI design, product management, strategists, all focused on delivering full-stack mobile app development services to funded startups and strong brands looking to grow their business and innovate on mobile.

Agicent is India-based mobile app development company that offers high quality mobile app development services to startups, entrepreneurs, and growing organizations across the world.

A mobile focused software development company which has served startups and enterprises all across the globe since starting in 2013, employing a strong design-first philosophy.

Hidden Brains –  Have delivered a massive amount of projects in their history, currently numbering 850+ mobile apps and over 5000 web projects.

It’s been recognized as the fastest growing app development company in Australia, what allows it to hire the best talent in the country and built a 300-strong team including top performing developers and product managers.

Because mobile app development field has been the fastest growing sector of the software development we put a special effort to get on this list companies that are capable to bring Virtual and Augmented Reality capabilities, as well as support of the Amazon Alexa, add Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms elements. The list will be updated next year to reflect on new app development companies rising in the field as well as to reflect on updates of the companies we already have on the list.

A Closer Look At The Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Trends

App developers who are looking to assist business clients will often preach about the importance of artificial intelligence.

In order to learn more about the most crucial artificial intelligence trends, be sure to take a closer look at the following guide.

App developers that encourage businesses to take more of a proactive role when it comes to their data and how it is used are the best developers to trust.

Now that voice based applications are a regular part of our lives, machine learning is a trend that all businesses must remain aware of.

Now that these algorithms are used to make hiring decisions and decisions that are related to various other important matters, businesses must learn how to harness this data for their own benefit.

In the meantime, app developers and businesses must remain vigilant and avoid collecting biased data that does not serve a true purpose.

While there are some who are going to point to privacy issues as a reason to avoid the usage of AI, this is actually one of blockchain technology’s strong suits.

While this question may not seem pivotal to some, ethical design is already a key topic of discussion and the rumblings are only going to get louder going forward.

This is how companies improve their ability to diagnose medical issues, fulfill customer orders and predict the stock market.

As the current technologies that are used to create these networks continue to improve, network architectures and training methods will also improve.

As new technologies continue to present themselves, businesses who pay close attention to how these trends interact with a society as a whole are able to achieve all long and short term goals.

Author Bio: Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company in New York, USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and expert app developers.

Top 11 Chatbot Trends That Will Help to Grow Your Business in 2019

As a matter of fact, thanks to a number of innovations in the last few years, small businesses now can leverage AI technology to improve their operations, connect with their customers on a deeper level and ultimately, boost their sales.

“Companies are pouring money into the development of AI technologies help machines get a better understanding of the human language.” “Approximately 1.4 Billion People Use Messaging Apps and are willing to talk to Chatbots.” There’s no need for overly-complicated phrases or ten-dollar words to explain this: A Chatbot is simply a program that automates certain tasks by chatting with a user through chatting interface.

Today, some of the more advanced Chatbots are powered by AI, which helps them to solve problems, to send personalize messages and to improve interaction over time.

As Grand View research shows, around 45% of end users prefer them as the primary mode of communication for questions regarding customer service.

If so many organizations are already aware of the use of Chatbots, they’re now starting to feel the pressure to integrate the latest technology in order to improve their business operations.

The data on the matter suggests that a vast majority of people would still rather talk to a real-life sales rep than talk to a machine because they feel it will be unable to answer their questions properly.

One of the finest examples is given by the chatbot magazine is of Bank of America’s, their chatbot is capable of handling any customer query, with predictive analytics the bot can anticipate customers needs and guide them through complex banking procedures - it can help customers to make payments, check balances, save money, etc.

Insurance companies are employing location-based technology to initiate the claims process automatically, they use chatbots, along with visual tools like live chat to educate the customer on submission, inspections, and documentation claims adjustments and updates them on claim status.

Market reports show after making an insightful analysis that Chatbots made tremendous growth in 2017 and the year was called “the year of Chatbots” &

Many retailers are creating voice-assisted bots which will help them in checking orders, making purchases and this will ultimately help in delivering good products or services to consumers and creating a good brand image.

Though we have witnessed a steady growth of chatbot adaptation in 2018there are reports that 80–85% ofbusinesses will be deploying more customized result-driven chatbotsby 2020.

Chatbot requires proper analyzing marketing team, which can focus where improvement is needed and optimizing it for minimizing the errors and improving the success rate.

Therefore, companies are pouring money into the development of technologies like AI negotiation capabilities and reinforced learning to help machines get a better understanding of the human language and user requests.

“Chatbots Will Be Indistinguishable From Humans by 2029” - Ray Kurzweil As per statista, “Facebook recorded more than 2 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2018” On the other hand “Whatsapp acquired 1.3 billion monthly active users”, Messaging apps have surpassed social networks.

As people are using more messaging apps, these messaging apps make it easy for brands to create a long-lasting relationship with the targeted audience and to get the best conversions.

Chatbots are entering messaging mainstream for having one-one conversions and to give the best customer service and will be able to solve all queries of customers at any time.

In 2019, a ton of major companies – including Starbucks, LinkedIn, and British Airways – have announced their support for the development of Chatbots and expressed an interest in implementing them into their operations.

The key players we mentioned before, like Microsoft and Apple have been investing in this technology for years at this point, so we can naturally assume that they will continue to spend more money on the development of Chatbots.

Chatbots for business will definitely evolve in the following years – the design and architecture can possibly improve to a point where interactive bots become the standard for customer service.

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