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Review of Major Technology Trends in the Artificial Intelligence Market Deep Learning to Understand Functioning of Neural Networks Deep Reinforcement Learning to Resolve Business Problems Augmented and Lean Data Learning to Mitigate Labeled Data Issue Generative Adversarial Network to Enable Learning and Lower Processing Load Hybrid Learning for Modeling Uncertainty Probabilistic Programming Languages for Model Development Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) for Model Creation Explainable AI to Understand Machine Learning Algorithms Digital Twins for Nonphysical Objects or Processes Notable Trends in the Artificial Intelligence Market Launch of Autonomous Vehicles Rising Significance of AI for Content Creation Increasing Integration of Robotics into Everyday Life Growing Significance of Capsule Networks Broader Adoption across Enterprises Facial Recognition Gains Traction Growing Power of Personal Assistants Popularity of Voice-based Assistants Trend towards Decentralized AI Logistics to Attain High Efficiency Rising Focus on Narrow AI Peer-to-Peer Networks for Higher Transparency Transition towards Automated Machine Learning Increasing Adoption of Cloud for Machine Learning Growing Significance of CNNs Embedded Deep Learning: Focus of Software Development Efforts AI Market to Shift towards Open Data Sources Machine Learning as a Service to Gain Prominence Rising Significance of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Emergence of Intelligent AI-Integrated Apps in Enterprises AI Developments to Enable Emotional Understanding Interesting and Novel Uses of Artificial Intelligence in 2017 Smart Speakers iPhone X Leka Smart Toy Resistbot NASA Uses Machine Learning Big Data Trends to Shape Future of Artificial Intelligence Business Intelligence Real-Time Targeting Edge Computing Efficient Document Management Blockchain Technology Intelligent Networks Essential for Enabling Connectivity Impact of AI on the Job Market - Despite Concerns Many Positives Exist

Marketing Table 12: Funding Value in $ Million and Number of Deals for Advertising and Marketing Startups Using AI for the Years 2012 through 2016 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) Promising Early Stage AI Companies in Advertising and Marketing Sector Possibilities Galore for AI in Digital Marketing Marketing Functions Where AI is Yet Impossible to Deploy AI-Enabled CRM Market: Promising Growth Opportunities in Store Artificial Intelligence to Transform Delivery of Healthcare Services Healthcare AI Market to Experience Remarkable Expansion AI to Improve Basic Healthcare Services AI Potential in Improving Utilization of Resources Growing Focus on Patient Care and Management R&D Efforts to Promote Use AI in Healthcare Robot-Assisted Surgery and Virtual Nursing Assistants: Major Applications in Healthcare AI Market Table 13: Global Healthcare AI Market - Percentage Breakdown of Projected Value Potential by Application for 2 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) AI in Medical Diagnostics and Pharmaceutical Sectors Rising Prevalence of Diabetes to Drive AI Adoption in Diabetes Management Market Table 14: Worldwide Prevalence of Diabetes: Number of Adults (20-79) with Diabetes by Region for 2017 and 2045 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) North America Dominates the Global Healthcare AI Market Despite High Potential, Certain Barriers Restrain AI Adoption in Healthcare Sector AI in Healthcare Market - A Fragmented Landscape Healthcare AI Attracts Investor Interest Table 15: Funding Value in $ Million and Number of Deals for Healthcare and Wellness Startups Using AI for the Years 2012 through 2016 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) Promising Early-Stage AI Companies in Healthcare Industry AI in Retail Market: Multi-Channel Retailing and e-Commerce Favor Segment Growth AI for a Competitive Edge for Retail Organizations Emerging AI Tools Set to Transform the Retail Industry E-Commerce: A Sector with Tremendous Potential for AI Technology Chatbots Recommendation Engines Visual Search and Listen Design Optimization and Design Forecasting Consumer Insights Sales Forecasting and Supply Chain Optimization AI to Play a Part in Reviving In-Store Sales Optimizing Store Location: AI Comes to the Aid Funding for AI in Commerce Table 16: Funding Value in $ Million and Number of Deals for Commerce Startups Using AI for the Years 2012 through 2 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) Promising Early Stage AI Companies in Commerce Sector AI in Education Market to Exhibit Exponential Growth Table 17: Global Market for AI in Healthcare Sector (2018E): Percentage Breakdown of Revenues by End-Use - Higher Education and K-12 Sectors (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) Focus on ITS, IAL and Chatbots Favors Market Growth North America and Europe Lead AI in Education Market Agriculture Sector: A Promising Market for AI Implementations AI Technologies Used in Agricultural Activities - A Review AI Tracks Commercial Fishing Activity Blue River Technology Offers See and Spray Technique Harvest CROO Robotics Develops Robotic Strawberry Picker Connecterra Develops Ida Automotive AI Market: Need to Enhance Customer Experience and Increasing Focus on Autonomous Vehicles Propels Growth Driverless Cars - The Ultimate Future of AI in Auto industry Autonomous Cars - Underlying Issues Affecting AI Market Automakers Focus on Integrating AI-Powered Driver Assist Features in Vehicles AI to Enhance Connectivity, Provide Infotainment and Enhance Safety in Vehicles AI for Smart Insurance Risk Assessment of Vehicles Advanced Technologies Helping Auto Industry Come Up with More Sophistication in New Car Models Artificial Intelligence to Transform and Redraw Manufacturing Landscape A

Evolution Strategies Applications Evolutionary/Genetic Algorithm Applications in Various Domains Hybrid Systems Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Expert Systems Applications Data Mining Business Areas using AI AI Applications in Business CRM CRM - Behavior Analysis CRM - Support and Marketing Company Management Production Management Finance Management Other Applications Credit Card Issuers and Collectors Insurance and Mortgage Content Management Future of AI in Business CRM Communication Support Marketing Company Management AI in Speech Recognition Applications of Speech Technologies Recorded Book Assistant Telephone Number Detector Minutes Taker Live Language Dictionary Customizable Radio (Radio Broadcasting Based on Requests) Navigation System AI in Medicine AI Methods in Medicine Producing Alerts and Reminders Diagnostic Assistance Information Retrieval Agents Therapy Analysis and Planning Image Recognition and Interpretation AI Applications in Medicine Telemedicine General AI Applications in Medicine AI in Education History and Aim of AI in Education AI Systems in Education AI in Space AI in Space Technology AI Techniques for Space Applications Future Space Missions Using AI AI in Computer Games AI Methods in Computer Games Game AI History of Video Games RoboCup AI in Entertainment AI in Animation AI in Movies and TV Shows AI Applications in Movies AI in Robotics AI in E-Commerce AI and Fraud Detection AI in Vehicles AI in Engineering AI in Law AI and Stock Trading AI in Factories AI in Insurance Industry AI in Media AI and Real Estate Valuation AI and Hearing Aids General Applications of AI AI Behind the Scenes

(USA) 7.2 Product Innovations/Introductions NVIDIA Launches NVIDIA HGX-2™ for AI and HPC Lash Group Introduces AI-Powered Electronic Benefit Verification Solution Oracle Announces New AI Cloud Applications for Manufacturing Companies Google Introduces Third Generation AI Chips NetSuite Announces AI and Machine Learning-based Intelligent Cloud Suite Oracle Launches AI-based Applications for Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite SAS Launches SAS® Viya® with Embedded AI and Automation Capabilities Philips Introduces AI-based HealthSuite Insights Platform Nuance Unveils New TTS Technology with Deep Neural Networks Oracle Unveils AI-based Applications for ERP Nuance Unveils AI-Powered Solutions for Cars and Smart Homes Nuance Releases Nuance AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging EnvoyAI Introduces EnvoyAI Exchange Platform Microsoft Introduces Azure Databricks Cray Introduces AI Products for Promoting Deep Learning Adoption WEVO Unveils AI Platform for Marketers SAP Introduces Machine Learning Technology for Marketing Campaigns Oracle Announces AI-based Apps Squirro Introduces TRINITY for Enterprises SAP Incorporates ML Capabilities in SAP S/4HANA LexisNexis® Introduces Lexis® Answers AI Enhancement in Lexis Advance® Offering Salesforce Launches AI-Powered Salesforce Einstein Analytics Nielsen Rolls Out Nielsen Artificial Intelligence SAP Incorporates ML and Predictive Analytics for Cloud-Based Integrated Business Planning Suite 7.3 Recent Industry Activity Microsoft Takes Over Semantic Machines Cisco Acquires Accompany Paylocity Chooses eGain's AI Reasoning Solution for Guiding Customer Service Experience NVIDIA and Canon Partner for Promoting Deep Learning in Healthcare C3 IoT Enters into Strategic Partnership with Microsoft for AI in Enterprise Sector SAS Creates New Division to Combat Fraud with AI and Advanced Analytics Adobe Inks Strategic Partnership Deal with NVIDIA for AI and Deep Learning Technologies NVIDIA Forges Partnership with Arm for Deep Learning Technology L'Oréal Takes Over ModiFace Siemens and Munich Airport in Partnership for Using AI S&P Global to Take Over Kensho Technologies Xiaomi and Microsoft Ink Deal to Strengthen AI and Cloud Computing Publicis Groupe Enters into Partnership with Microsoft for Developing Marcel AI Platform Uber Selects NVIDIA technology for AI Computing System in Self-Driving Fleets Volkswagen and NVIDIA Partner to Integrate NVIDIA DRIVE™ IX Platform in Intelligent Vehicles Google Establishes New AI Research Center in China Intuit Chooses AWS for AI and Machine Learning GE Healthcare and NVIDIA Team Up for Promoting AI Adoption in Healthcare Nuance and NVIDIA to Provide Machine Learning for Radiology SAP Expands SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation Group Takes Over Assets of Acquisio Microsoft Ventures Establishes Innovate.

How research trends in Artificial Intelligence are like? - GreyB

In 2018, we witnessed a dramatic rise in AI based platforms, tools, and applications.

One reason is that big players from multiple domains like Google, Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM are investing in the AI R&D to bridge the lab to consumer gap.

Because it has so wider applications which includes sectors like software, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics where patents play a big role, having an understanding of patent filing trends will only help in making sound business decisions.

Stockton (a leading US patent law firm) and GreyB Services collaborated to help you understand what kind of research trends 12 fast-growing tech sectors are displaying in the US market.

Samsung is at the 4th position with 640 patents and the gap between the fourth player and the top three keeps on widening as we move up.

Below are some of the M&A from the last year: In November, 2015 Google launched Tensor flow which is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning.  Google is also all in for acquiring AI based startups, with their acquisition count going highest in 2015.

In March last year, Samsung acquired Kngine, an AI startup working on an AI engine to power customer service, voice interface, and driving enterprise research.

In August, 2018 Siemens acquired Mendix, a cloud platform for low-code and AI-assisted app delivery, for $730 million in cash, to accelerate their R&D in AI technology.

Almost an year ago before this acquisition, in November 2017 Siemens bought Solido design automation, which is a Canadian provider of variation-aware design and characterization software to the semiconductor industry.

Pattern recognition, predictive analysis, utilizing neural network are top three sub parts of Machine Learning based AI systems that received maximum attention of researchers.

Computer vision, entertainment, robotics, and health care received the highest number of patent filing amongst others.

In 2018, patent filings in natural language processing witnessed 4.5x increases in patent filed per year from 2010.

From 2011 to 2017, the patent filing fluctuated between the range of 1110 to 1200 patents per year.

Across all the application areas of AI, a total of 74,500 patents are filed.  The charts below represents what trend patent filing witnessed over the year, and which players emerged as the top patent filers.

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