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Demistifying AI with Barclays Eagle Lab [Aberdeen]

Across different industries enterprises are using multiple different types of AI applications, with one in ten enterprises utilising at least 10 AI applications.

Exploiting new technologies is allowing businesses to save costs, explore new markets and make informed business decisions that can help them thrive in the 4th industrial revolution.

Timings 5.30pm Arrival 6.00pm Speaker Presentation 7.00pm Networking 8.00pm Event will be brought to a close If you are interested in visiting our AI site prior to attending this event, you can via: For further information please contact:-

The Innovators of Barclays: redefining society with artificial Intelligence

Ben Davey is CEO of Barclays UK Ventures, a venture capital-style unit that identifies and develops innovative business lines.

From the application of machine learning to the development of a new pair of football boots, he shares what innovation means to him.

There was a new boot developed by a footballer called Craig Johnston that allowed you to curve a ball quite dramatically, and this was a radical thing at the time.

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Barclays AI Frenzy - Diversity Inclusion in Artificial Intelligence: In Pursuit of Inclusive AI – Cambridge

Computers will be able to simulate intelligent behaviour and this may not only affect the work we do, but they may also be able to help reduce unconscious bias within organisations.

In the age of advancements to technology, AI solutions are currently being implemented that have the potential to mitigate biases and, as a result, enable more diverse and inclusive workplaces within companies and organisations.