AI News, Baidu Apologizes for Touting Dubious Artificial-Intelligence Feat

Baidu Apologizes for Touting Dubious Artificial-Intelligence Feat

On Tuesday, however, the volunteer computer scientists who administer the test reported that Baidu had stacked the deck by taking the test far more frequently than allowed.

By taking the test so many times, Baidu’s engineers could have gained an advantage by tuning their software to information that was supposed to be unfamiliar.

“This is pretty bad, and it is exactly why there is a held-out test set for the competition that is hosted on a separate server with limited access,” said Matthew Zeiler, chief executive of AI company Clarifai Inc.

“If you know the test set, then you can tweak your parameters of your model however you want to optimize the test set.” The organizers have asked Baidu to stop submitting ImageNet results for the next year.

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