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Artificial Intelligence with Azure | #AIwithAzure | #AITour2019

AZ-INDIA group, an online community for learning Azure organized by Kasam Shaikh , in association with BPB Publications and CodeSizzler This session is part of Dear Azure Tech Tour of INDIA, starting from Mumbai!

Topics like, Not the less, along with learning these trending topics, win exciting prizes by answering simple questions &

Why Microsoft Is Partnering With Elon Musk's $1 Billion Artificial Intelligence Company

Artificial intelligence is going to be a big point of competition between Microsoft Azure, the leadingAmazon Web Services, and therelative upstart Google Cloudover the months and years to come.

Looking Into AI with Microsoft Azure

Not a subscriber? Start your free week. Start learning with CBT Nuggets. In this webinar, trainer Ben Finkel .

Azure Essentials: Enabling AI solutions

AI, machine learning and cognitive services in Microsoft Azure. Artificial intelligence is the process of empowering machines to decipher an event, or interpret ...

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

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Azure Machine Learning Demo

10 Minutes demonstration of how to use Machine Learning to train an algorithm to predict a person's income and publish it as a web service.

GOTO 2018 • Applied AI: Real-World Use Cases for Microsoft’s Azure Cognitive Services • Paige Bailey

This presentation was recorded at GOTO Amsterdam 2018. #gotocon #gotoams Paige Bailey - Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft ..

Getting started with AI in Microsoft Azure and Office 365 - THR3078

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a term that is commonly thrown around to add credibility to a service. During this session we take a lap around what AI is, why you ...

AI in Microsoft Office apps

Microsoft Office is infused with artificial intelligence (AI) throughout app experiences to save you time and help you do your best work; from authoring in Word to ...

Get started with Microsoft Cognitive Services

Learn how to easily add powerful artificial intelligence capabilities to your applications with Microsoft Cognitive Services. See Cognitive Services for more ...

Azure Machine Learning

Micosoft Azure has a drag and drop interface that lets you build, train, and test models pretty easily. In this video, I'll explain how Azure compares to other cloud ...

Azure AI: Making AI real for your business - GS009

In this session, learn about the innovations powering Azure AI that you can use today to drive real impact. Deliver immersive experiences by building AI-powered ...