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5 Awesome Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Mobile Marketing

You require advanced data-driven insights, while leveraging AI, to enable the analysis of both historical and real-time customer behavioural patterns and instantly deliver the best user experience.

As users spend longer hours on their mobile devices, AI plays a more prominent role in empowering mobile marketers make sense of the large volumes of user-specific data generated on a daily basis.

Not to mention the amount of time taken to build a user persona and churn out relevant content that actually resonates with target audiences can be rather high.

For email, the subject line is a critical aspect (amongst other factors such as your domain reputation) that decides whether an email reaches the spam folder or directly reaches the users’ primary inbox.

Using AI, marketers can now optimise the email subject line, and hyper-personalise the push notification title based on the past interactions of customers with these channels of engagement as well as their likelihood of responding to certain embedded keywords.

Artificial Intelligence empowers marketers in analysing behavioural trends and patterns, providing insights on consumer preferences and the best time for reaching them with those messages across multiple channels.

AI-powered automation platforms can be leveraged help with intelligent targeting based on past user behaviour data, predicting the most likely behaviour at an individual user level.

Areportby eMarketer, estimates that around 2 billion people worldwide will use messaging apps by end of 2019 and Facebook Messenger alone has1.2 billion monthly active users.

Having come a long way from being a programmed monotonous bot to an AI conversational bot that responds and converses with prospects and customers as humanly as possible, chatbots can now be used to: While chatbots use AI and deep learning they do need human intervention to strike the right balance between technical and manual intervention, and drive personalisation efforts at scale.

AI-based voice assistants are iteratively learning from customer interactions, queries, requests, and instructions based on the kind of music they listen to, information asked for, sleeping patterns, language used etc.

AI will continue to empower marketers, like you, by helping you generate intelligent insights from large quantities of data, while automating the frequent tedious guesswork that comes with most marketing campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence Software

It can be utilized in a variety of business areas, from customer service and sales (in the form of chatbots), to data analysis and IT task automation.

Most of the products in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be broken down into three pricing tiers based on their starting price: *The pricing included in this list is for the entry-level/lowest priced offering found on vendor websites on October 23rd, 2018.

Nick Cave on why composing awesome music will remain a human-only occupation

“In the future AI will simply be able to map the individual mind and create songs tailored exclusively to our own particular mental algorithms, that can make us feel, with far more intensity and precision, whatever it is we want to feel.” Cave disagrees: his argument is that – although music made by AI may make us feel certain emotions – AI is incapable of creating true ‚awe‘.

Music has the ability to touch the celestial sphere with the tips of its fingers and the awe and wonder we feel is in the desperate temerity of the reach, not just the outcome.” Cave concludes (and this is our favourite quote) Related video by Gerd

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