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Big tech ‘putting world at risk of killer AI’: study Inc, Microsoft Corp and Intel Corp are among leading tech companies putting the world at risk through killer robot development, according to a report that surveyed major players from the sector about their stance on lethal autonomous weapons.

The use of AI to allow weapon systems to autonomously select and attack targets has sparked ethical debates in the past few years, with critics warning they would jeopardize international security and herald a third revolution in warfare after gunpowder and the atomic bomb.

Others in the “high concern” group include Palantir Technologies, a company with roots in a CIA-backed venture-capital organization that was awarded an US$800 million contract to develop an AI system “that can help soldiers analyze a combat zone in real time.” “Autonomous weapons will inevitably become scalable weapons of mass destruction, because if the human is not in the loop, then a single person can launch a million weapons or a hundred million weapons,” Stuart Russell, a computer science professor at the University of California, Berkeley said on Wednesday.

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