AI News, Autonomous Robots Take Center Stage at AMR Conference

Autonomous Robots Take Center Stage at AMR Conference

Manufacturing, retail, and logistics are just a few industries now using autonomous robots.

These flexible, collaborative robots are quickly becoming a simple, efficient, and cost-effective way to automate tasks from material handling to transportation to maintenance.

Parcel delivery services are testing them in select markets, and grocers are using autonomous robots for tasks like checking shelves and monitoring floors for spills.

In the past, autonomous guided vehicles needed permanent wires, magnetic strips, or sensors embedded in floors for navigation, but those rigid systems were expensive to install and change later if needed.

The addition of onboard intelligence systems has given autonomous robots the ability to quickly adapt to almost any environment without an infrastructure for guidance.

Some facilities have fleets of autonomous robots that move materials around production facilities and warehouses, allowing humans to avoid the repetitive, low-value task of transporting components and assemblies.