AI News, Autonomous Cars Could Determine Your Driving Style by Gently Probing You

Autonomous Cars Could Determine Your Driving Style by Gently Probing You

When every car on the road is an autonomouscar, we won't have to worry about what kind of driver everyone else is.

It'll be important for autonomous cars to understand and predict what the humans around them are trying to do, which is a very difficult problem, becausehumans are notoriously irrational: we all have different intentions, goals, preferences, objectives, driving styles, and we may or may not be looking at our cell phones.

We explored planning for an autonomous vehicle that actively probes a human’s driving style, by braking or nudging in and expecting to cause reactions from the human driver that would be different depending on their style.

Here are some examples of the kind of actions that the algorithm plans for autonomous cars to determine whether the human drivers around them are passive, aggressive, or paying attention: Scenario 1: Nudging In to Explore on a Highway The autonomous car actively probes the human by nudging into her lane in order to infer her driving style.

An attentive human significantly slows down (timid driver) or speeds up (aggressive driver) to avoid the vehicle, while a distracted driver might not realize the autonomous actions and maintain their velocity, getting closer to the autonomous vehicle.

The results of studies with humans in driving simulators 'suggest that robots are indeed able to construct a more accurate belief over the human’s driving style with active exploration than with passive estimation.'

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