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RPA and AI: Business process automation gets smart

Many companies add AI to processes by building or buying single-task bots, such as natural language processing systems or vision recognition tools, and adding them to processes using traditional, non-AI methods.

In addition to RPA and machine learning algorithms, IPA also includes process management software, natural language processing and generation, and cognitive agents, or “bots.” According to McKinsey, IPA can translate to 20 to 35 percent improvement in efficiency, 50 to 60 percent reduction in process time, and returns on investment in triple-digit percentages.

NewWave Awarded HHS IDIQ Contract to Deliver Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence Solutions Across the Federal Government | NewWave

“We look forward to partnering with and supporting the federal government as it acquires and deploys these game changing technologies.” “PSC believes that IAAI solutions will be doing everything from reducing backlog and cutting costs to performing functions, such as predicting fraudulent transactions and identifying critical suspects via facial recognition, which are considered difficult for an individual to complete on their own,” HHS contracting officers wrote in the RFP.

“Providing federal agencies opportunities to share critical insights and information regarding technologies and suppliers, learn from an abundance of small-scale tests and implementations, and find solutions that ‘create a lean, accountable and more efficient government that works for the American people.’” “AI is the next step for NewWave and a next step for both government and American business,” Munis said.

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