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March 2nd New and Notable Audiobooks on Brian’s Book Blog

We share the 12 books from this week that caught our eye featuring Post-Apocalyptic, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thrillers, and more.

Authors, narrators, producers, and publishers — any of the books featured here are prime candidates for review.

When probes are launched into space to discover why, “they find something no one expected: a mysterious object floating in space” that might provide the answer.

Morden Narrated by William Hope In the sequel to the terrifying science fiction thriller, One Way, returning home from Mars may mean striking a deal with the very people who abandoned him.

a warning that their recent collaboration on a supposedly failed experiment had actually brought about one of the most important discoveries of the century: Adamas, a chemical process worth billions, and one with the potential to topple entire industries.

Now on the run with his girlfriend, Erica, Kevin must elude relentless assassins long enough to protect the top-secret information, thwart a global conspiracy, and save their lives before time runs out.

However, his fortunes change, along with the other four crew members, when they discover a derelict spaceship in orbit around a binary asteroid.

But the ship contains an experimental quantum device, lost while en route to Europa, and ownership of this technology could fundamentally change the balance of power within the solar system.

Then again, there is a deep river of rage welling up inside him, born out of a lifetime of countless accumulated injustices, each one inching him ever closer to the edge –

Seven months after the Hemorrhage virus swept across the world, Jack, his wife, Dee, his friend Boss, and the Renegades, a ragtag collection of civilian and military personnel, have been sent on two missions.

The second is insane: reenter the laboratory they barely escaped from a few months back and retrieve a logbook, a logbook that could provide the cure to end the madness.

Through the chaos, old friendships are tested and new alliances are formed, but new and dangerous enemies emerge in the fight for the future of New Zealand.

Junk by Les Bohem Narrated by John Waters Set in present-day Los Angeles, Junk explores an epic conspiracy, one at work for thousands of years that involves total takeover of the planet Earth by aliens.

This title contains explicit language and depictions of physical and sexual violence that may be upsetting to some listeners.

Revenant by Raymond Bayly Narrated by Rhys David When a small group of humans are abducted from Earth, they find themselves thrust into a battle for the fate of the known universe.

Can the small band of allies overcome an ancient evil while unlocking the very secret of humanities origins?

The Border by Don Winslow Narrated by Ray Porter The explosive, highly anticipated conclusion to the epic Cartel trilogy from the New York Times best-selling author of The Force For over 40 years, Art Keller has been on the front lines of America’s longest conflict: the War on Drugs.

Now Keller is elevated to the highest ranks of the DEA, only to find that in destroying one monster, he has created 30 more that are wreaking even more chaos and suffering in his beloved Mexico.

In a story that moves from deserts south of the border to Wall Street, from the slums of Guatemala to the marbled corridors of Washington, DC, Winslow follows a new generation of narcos, the cops that fight them, the street traffickers, the addicts, the politicians, money-launderers, real estate moguls, and mere children fleeing the violence for the chance of a life in a new country.

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