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Jim Whitehurst is president and chief executive officer of Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source enterprise IT software solutions and services, and author of "The Open Organization: Igniting Passion and Performance."

Whitehurst has grown Red Hat and its influence by reaching key milestones - most notable in 2012 when it became the first $1 billion revenue open source software company.

A.I. Learns Nobel Prize Experiment in Just 1 Hour!

When A.I. meets science, interesting things occur. The next few years may be very interesting for the scientific community. Subscribe here: ..

SpaceX Capsule Brings AI Robot to Space Station

(2 Jul 2018) A SpaceX capsule arrived at the International Space Station carrying an Artificial Intelligence robot on Monday. The robot Cimon is slightly bigger ...

We See Too Far! Why You Shouldn't Believe You Live on a Globe

Why you should be a flat earther... One of the top reasons, has to be, without a doubt.... BECAUSE WE CAN SEE TOO FAR! A short video discussing this topic ...

Flat Earth - NA$A is Faking the ISS With Augmented Reality / Greenscreens & Contact Lenses #524

It's amazing what NA$A can do with $52000000 per day, isn't it? Charles Fockaert P.O. Box 10296 Kalispell MT 59904 ..

Joe Rogan - Facebook Insanity, Snapchat, Amazon Alexa | "Alexa just starts laughing like a witch"

Joe Rogan talks about Facebook Cambridge Analytica, Snapchat and Rihanna, and Amazon Alexa. For the entire Joe Rogan Experience ..

NASA ISS ustream LIVE - 12X Speed - Is this really in space?

The two videos shown here are located below. They are official NASA ustream LIVE footage simply sped up to 360 frames per second or 12x speed. The videos ...

NASA's Impossible Space Station - Name The ISS Contest

This video touches a few bases. During a segment showing LIVE ISS footage alternating with the later produced NASA produced videos, I had a moment to ...

Peter Diamandis on Why A.I. Will Save the World | Impact Theory

Named one of Fortune's “50 greatest leaders of all time”, Peter Diamandis is disrupting education and business through his 19 startups and his role as founder ...

5 Amazing Survival Stories

For some people, when facing almost certain death, fate intervenes and decides that it is not their time to go, in this video we look at 5 amazing stories of human ...

Former CIA Chief Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED

Former Chief of Disguise for the CIA, Jonna Mendez, explains how disguises are used in the CIA, and what aspects to the deception make for an effective ...