AI News, Astro robot dog learns new tricks using AI

Astro robot dog learns new tricks using AI

Instead, Astro is being trained using inputs to a deep neural network – a computerized simulation of a brain – so that he can learn from experience to perform human-like tasks, or on his case, “doggie-like”

Eventually, he will be able to understand and respond to hand signals, detect different colors, comprehend many languages, coordinate his efforts with drones, distinguish human faces, and even recognize other dogs.

new ANYmal C four-legged robot Designed to engage and react to the world around him in real-time, this robot dog will be able to navigate through rough terrains and respond to dangerous situations to keep humans and animals out of harm’s way.

To process the sensory inputs and make autonomous behavioral decisions, a set of NVIDIA Jetson TX2 GPUs are onboard the robot dog with a combined four teraflops of computing power, which amounts to about four trillion computations a second.

This robot dog will be able to rapidly see and search thousands of faces in a database, smell the air to detect foreign substances, and hear and respond to distress calls that fall outside a human’s audible hearing range.

“Our Machine Perception and Cognitive Robotics laboratory team was sought out by Drone Data’s Astro Robotics group because of their extensive expertise in cognitive neuroscience, which includes behavioral, neurophysiological and embedded computational approaches to studying the brain,”

“Astro is inspired by the human brain and he has come to life through machine learning and artificial intelligence, which is proving to be an invaluable resource in helping to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.”