AI News, Aspiring Data Scientists! Learn the basics with these 7 books!

Aspiring Data Scientists! Learn the basics with these 7 books!

In the last few years I spent a significant time with reading books about Data Science.

If you combine this knowledge with the right online data science courses, it’s already a good-enough level for an entry level Data Scientist position.

You will learn, why is it so important to select the One Metric That Matters as well as the 6 basic online business types — and the data strategy behind those.

If Lean Analytics is about business + data for startups, this book is business + data for big companies.

This book comes with many stories and you will learn how not to be scammed by headlines like “How we pushed 1300% on our conversion rate by changing only one word” and other BSs.

It goes deeper into topics like regression models, spam filtering, recommendation engines and even big data.

You can do almost everything in Python, when it comes to analysis, predicting and even machine learning.This is a heavy book (literally: it’s more than 400 pages), but covers everything with Python.

Most probably as an analyst or data scientist you won’t use this kind of knowledge directly, but at least you will be aware, what the data infrastructure specialists of the company do.

If you want to try out, what it is like being a junior data scientist at a true-to-life startup, check out my new 6-week online data science course: The Junior Data Scientist’s First Month!

Top Data Science Online Courses in 2018

23 Courses (95 hours) 16 Courses (64 hours) This track is basically a shorter version of the data scientist with R track where you'll stop just before the more advanced machine learning courses.

Just like in the data scientist with R course, you'll get the same great intro to intermediate R courses, but then it starts branching off into financial-specific topics, like bond and portfolio analysis, credit risk modeling, and even signal-based trading with R and quantstrat.

Data Science Specialization

Johns Hopkins University is recognized as a destination for excellent, ambitious scholars and a world leader in teaching and research. The

mission of The Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world.

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