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#FutureProofAfrica: Putting humanity back into exponential technology

You might think that humans wouldn’t be at the forefront of a summit about disruptive technologies and artificial intelligence –

In fact, with the rise of AI, disruptive technologies and mixed reality, it is believed to be enhancing the human experience, augmenting our resources instead of replacing them - specifically through industries like energy, education, agriculture and communication.

This is a fear that’s prevalent across multiple industries, creating a gold rush for startups with spectacular ideas for the future –

The billionaires of the future will be entrepreneurs who can solve a billion people’s problems according to Mann, because innovation crosses the tipping point to mainstream when there really is a need.

the iBeer app which makes your phone look like you’re drinking the golden liquid was downloaded 20 million times –

For Pawlak we have to rehumanise our technology, especially with the exponential development of computing power that’s surpassing human brainpower that hasn’t had an upgrade over thousands of years.

Another revolutionising technology that’s ever-expanding is the mobile smartphone, says computer scientist and former director of programme management at Microsoft Ramez Naam.

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