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This audiobook seeks to answer these questions so that at the end, you are confident about the meaning of these concepts, how they are used in everyday life, the benefits of these technologies, career prospects for people specializing in these concepts, and much more!  This straight to the point audiobook eliminates the need for an expensive textbook on these concepts, at least in the beginning.

Whether you want to dip your feet into the realm of machine learning, artificial intelligence,and other related terms to use what you learn in your business or want to develop a skill that you can probably make a career out of, you will find this book very helpful in setting the stage for your success!

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial – Learn Artificial Intelligence from Experts

Today, a few applications of artificial intelligence seem to bring us closer to the future.

Moreover, have you ever wondered how Cyborg technology (a technique for creating artificial body parts for people with disabilities that enables them to function normally) works?

In this Artificial Intelligence tutorial, we shall be covering Machine Learning, Deep Learning, neural networks, real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence, Python and various packages available in it, TensorFlow, Keras, multilayer perceptron, convolution neural networks, recurrent neural networks, long short-term memory, OpenCV, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence is about incorporating the human abilities to a machine by designing algorithms such that these algorithms involve self-learning and provide the machine with the ability to think like the way humans do, by which the machine would be able to solve problems without explicit human inputs. However, a lot of creativity and computation is required to make it a successful creation.

This Artificial Intelligence tutorial has been prepared to help you learn Artificial Intelligence the right way, and it is meant for the beginners and for the professionals to help them understand basic-to-advanced concepts related to AI.

This AI tutorial, further it its pages, covers the introduction to AI, the history, goals, and the applications of AI, AI vs ML vs DL, various data science packages, artificial neural networks, back-propagation algorithm, multilayer perceptron, the problems of overfitting and underfitting, convolution neural networks, recurrent neural networks, long short-term memory, various Machine Learning concepts, and OpenCV.

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