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Robot Debates The Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence - Imagination Matters

We’ve just about got used to the idea of AI understanding, learning – possibly even creating – but actually forming opinions?

However, the key development is that it was able to understand the arguments, perhaps signalling awareness of its own existence alongside humans?

Using these online submissions, Project Debater analysed them to identify themes and eliminate redundancy based on repetition – even catching when opinions expressed the same point using different words.

Philippe Starck creates "world's first chair designed with artificial intelligence" | Dezeen

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The Architecture of Artificial Intelligence: Part 3 - Client and User Engagement

The Architecture of Artificial Intelligence is a 5 part series exploring how artificial intelligence or AI is changing architecture, design and the construction industry.

Cheap tech, AI bolstering aid for the disabled

(13 Sep 2018) Improvements in artificial intelligence plus cheaper hardware are making it easier for inventors to develop new products to help people with ...

FashionBrain - an artificial intelligence Predicting upcoming fashion trends with Markus Müller

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